Pegasus Gymnastics Club
Farleigh Hill
Tovil, Maidstone, Kent ME15 6RG
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T - 01622 688719

Farleigh Hill, Tovil, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 6RG
W -, E -, T - 01622 688719


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You can make a difference just by offering some help, even if it’s two hours of your time once or twice each year.

Pegasus prides itself with its united workforce including both employees and volunteers, without which Pegasus wouldn't be the club that it is today.

Pegasus needs volunteer support in the following areas:

Finance & Fundraising / Marketing & Communications / IT support / Legal /
Office Support / Health & Safety / Building Trades / Electrical / Painting / Plumbing / General DIY / Assist coaches with classes / Coaching / Friends Committee support / General Volunteers / Event Support / Social Events / Catering / Baking / BBQs / Promoting Our Club in the Community

Fundraising Suggestions / Raffle and Auction Donations / Buyers / Lottery Manager

and much more………………..

Contact Claire Griffiths - to find out more.


Volunteer Newsletter - Feb 2016

Volunteer Day - 27th Feb

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