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Farleigh Hill, Tovil, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 6RG
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Ovi is responsible for the planning and development of the Floor and Vault squad and assists with development of both Men’s and Women’s Artistic Squads.

Coaching Qualifications:

Generic Qualifications:

Background & Experience:

Selected from school at the age of 6 by coaches running a local talent identification scheme Ovi was an active gymnast at Brasovia club. He attended Romanian National training camps and was successful in several major competitions, including Junior Internationals.

At the age of 18 he turned his attention to coaching. His ability ensured he was accepted at one of the local universities despite the stringent academic and practical entry examinations.

During his four year course at university he continued to hone his coaching craft and became involved in an exchange programme with Pegasus in August 1999.

The following year he was closely involved with the visit to Brasov by Pegasus coaches and gymnasts at the same time as producing an Individual National Champion. He completed his time at Brasov by accompanying two gymnasts to England for training at Pegasus and participation in the Pegasus Open in June 2001.

Having graduated from University as a fully qualified Teacher specialising in Physical education he moved to Pegasus as a full time member of staff in the Summer of 2001.

Since then Ovi has taken lead of the Floor and Vault squad and achieved multiple results at both County and Regional level and attends the Elite Performance National squad with the clubs younger boys.

Ovi Rugina

Head of Floor & Vault