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Women’s Challenge Cup

The Challenge Cup is a National competition for gymnasts who have not followed the elite pathway but are aiming to move into elite and compete at the British Championships later in the year. The standard is extremely high and Pegasus were very proud to have 4 gymnasts competing this year.

First up for Pegasus on Saturday in the Junior age group (14-15 years) was Josie Griffiths. This was Josie's first Challenge Cup, having sadly missed last year's competition through injury, and she was determined to impress the judges. She maintained her focus superbly throughout the competition finishing in a fantastic 9th place out of a field of 51. Competing some huge leaps and tumbles, including a double back somersault for the first time with no mat, Josie placed 5th on floor and took 6th place on beam for a lovely, clean routine. Having worked extremely hard in the gym on her bar skills, Josie performed a beautiful routine displaying great shapes. Finishing with an overall score of 45.550, Josie did not quite score enough for a place at the British Championships, but as this was just her first year as a Junior it was a very accomplished and promising performance.

The Senior competition got underway in the afternoon with Pegasus gymnast Rachael Page competing in a field of 30. As always, Rachael performed her beautiful floor routine with fantastic artistry and landed her impressive tumbles with precision earning her 7th place on floor. On beam, her specialist piece, Rachael was rock solid and exuded confidence. She unfortunately missed a couple of connections which put her out of the medals on this piece however she finished strongly in 6th place. A hard-fought bar routine and a superb vault scoring a huge 12.850 gave her an all-around score of 44.750 and placed her in 16th. A very credible performance for her first year as a Senior.

On Sunday, it was the turn of our Espoir gymnasts Annabel Agba and Grace Miller. This was Grace's very first Challenge Cup. She started strongly with a well-performed bar routine, an improved piked Tsuk on vault for a score of 12.400, and a gorgeously danced floor. A few nerves on beam resulted in a fall, but she finished credibly in 52nd place out of a huge field of 75 with an all-around total of 40.700.

This was Annabel's second year competing at Challenge Espoir and she brought an increased level of difficulty and confidence to this year's competition. Annabel performed a beautifully clean bar routine displaying lovely lines, sticking her dismount and claiming the silver medal. Beam was a little shaky, but she maintained her focus, completing the routine with a superb dismount. She took 4th place on floor for another clean routine with brilliant tumbling and finished in bronze medal position all-around with a score of 47.400. With the pass mark set at 46.000 for Espoir, Annabel qualified with ease to move into elite and compete at the British Championships in December. A huge achievement for both her and coach Charlie Wells, and a very proud moment for Pegasus!

Women's Artistic Squad Shine at Kent Twin Piece 2015

The Women's Artistic Squad brought home the medals again this weekend, competing at the Kent Twin Piece Competition at NDGA in Tonbridge. In teams of two, gymnasts competed two pieces of apparatus each. One gymnast at each level was allowed to compete all four pieces as an individual. Medals were awarded for Team and Individual all-around totals as well as individual apparatus medals at each level.

In the first round, at Modified 4 Jess Meadway took the all-around individual title with ease. She swung a lovely bar routine placing 1st on this apparatus. Two unfortunate falls on beam put her out of the running for a medal here but she composed herself brilliantly and went on to smash both floor and vault taking silver and gold respectively.

In Modified 6, Ruby Mercer and Teagan Salter took team silver with Holly Hunt and Freya Hunt in all-around bronze position. Ruby competed a stunning vault to take the gold medal. Having worked hard in the gym to improve the style and neatness of her floor routine this paid off with a silver medal. Teagan claimed the top spot on beam competing a backward walkover for the first time in a beautiful, clean routine. Freya displayed improved confidence throughout her competition. She performed a beautiful floor routine placing first on this apparatus. Holly swung her new bar routine cleanly taking the silver medal with ease. Maddie Bushen competed strongly on both vault and bars. Sadly her team mate had to withdraw just before the competition due to injury, meaning she was out of the running for a team placing. However Maddie claimed individual bronze for her new bar routine.

The second round of the competition saw Evie Armstrong and Scarlet Holmes competing in their very first competition at Prep 6. Both girls looked extremely well-prepared and were a credit to their coach. Evie performed a dynamic and confident vault to score a huge 12.10 and the gold medal.  Scarlet produced a beautiful beam routine with no falls which earned her a score of 11.45 and another gold for the team. The girls also secured golds for their confident performances on bars and floor and went on to take the overall title. A fantastic first competition!

Millie Rive-Edwards claimed all-around gold as an individual at Modified Level 5. Millie nailed her new floor routine with her usual energy and enthusiasm, dancing her way to a silver medal on this piece. A superb vault and confident bar routine saw her take gold on both these apparatus.

The Level 5 competition was an extremely tough category with 15 teams and 3 individuals. Charlotte Wainford and Mabel Reinelt proved the value of competing clean routines as they took team silver. Mabel showed hugely improved routines on both bars and beam, finishing just outside medal position in 4th place for both and only 0.05 away from Bronze on bars. Charlotte produced a beautifully dynamic floor routine with some nice high tumbles to take silver and an amazing vault for bronze; a stand-out performance of the day! Summer Nolan displayed stunning choreography on floor to take the bronze medal. She demonstrated great poise and confidence in her packed beam routine with just a small error on landing her tuck back dismount to count against her.  Team partner Cienna Kwayie, in her first competition for Pegasus, produced a very strong vault, narrowly missing out on a medal for this piece and the girls took rosettes for 5th place all-around. Emily Riddell and Ruslana Kompanets finished in 11th place. Emily competed a lovely and confident vault and Ruslana looked beautiful in her floor routine, successfully competing round off flick for the first time. Reece Hounsell and Hannah Knell finished in 14th. Reece swung her new bar routine well and Hannah stuck her beam routine finishing with a well-controlled dismount.

At Level 4, Joanne Brooker was the all-around individual champion competing new routines on all pieces. Joanne shone in her high-energy floor routine exuding confidence and personality, taking the silver medal with only 0.05 between her and the gold. She produced an excellent second vault for her third medal of the competition, this time bronze, and displayed improved confidence and maturity throughout the competition. The Level 4 Team Champion title went to Izzy Stockwell and Jess Hudgell. Jess stormed her way to a gold medal on bars impressing the judges with a huge score of 12.60 - a fantastic achievement as this was a new routine and her first time competing giants. Izzy displayed stunning floor choreography with a beautiful new forward connection and, despite carrying a hamstring injury, tumbled her way into bronze medal position, just 0.05 away from silver.

Amirah Blackman and Emily Pearce were crowned Level 3 Team Champions. Emily took a further two gold medals for her performances on floor and vault, bravely competing a Tsukahara for the first time for a score of 11.85. Making a great return from injury, Amirah scored a fantastic 11.60 on beam with a fall to count, taking the silver medal. Her beautiful technique on bars earned her the third medal of her competition, another silver.

Level 2 saw Amanda Cook and Shannon Baker take Team silver. Amanda fought through her bar routine for a bronze medal but went on to display her trademark elegance and style on beam to take the gold for a routine packed with new skills and connections. This was Shannon's first time competing at Level 2 with several new skills. Her beautiful double spin, stylish leap series and fantastic tumbles earned her the top spot on floor and a second gold medal. She went on to perform a fantastic Tsukahara vault scoring a huge 12.30 and claiming her third gold.

With no other gymnasts in the county competing at this high level, our Fig Espoir Team of Grace Miller and Annabel Agba and our FIG Senior Team of Rachael Page and Josie Griffiths were also crowned Team Champions. Returning from injury, Annabel performed a strong beam routine landing her new dismount securely. Grace danced her heart out once again in her beautiful floor routine with some great twisting tumbles. She also went on to score a fantastic 12.10 for her impressive Tsukahara vault. Rachael performed an incredibly expressive floor routine with improved tumbling and Josie scored a huge 12.50 on vault, landing her Tsukahara brilliantly. With their sights set on the Challenge Cup in a few weeks time, all four girls look set to deliver some impressive performances.

Women’s Gymnova Pegasus Invitational 2015

Pegasus Gymnastics held the first Women’s Artistic Gymnova Pegasus Invitational on Sunday 28th June since 2012. Held within the new home of the club in Tovil, the event proved to be a huge success. Gymnasts from clubs throughout the South East competed during the day, all with their eyes set on claiming those valuable gold medals.

The Level 4 and 5 gymnasts had an early start as they opened the competition on Sunday morning. Once again the Level 5 category was a tough one, with over 20 competitors across 2 age groups, but the Pegasus girls did not disappoint. In the younger age group, Summer Nolan took all-around gold, with Cienna Kwaiye in silver medal position and Mabel Reinelt taking bronze. Charlotte Wainford placed 4th with Ruslana Kompanets in 7th, Emily Riddell in 9th and Hannah Knell in 11th place. In the older age group, Ruby Mercer claimed gold, Millie Rive-Edwards silver and Maddie Bushen bronze. Holly Hunt and Freya Hunt took rosettes for 4th and 6th respectively.

Apparatus medals were also awarded for all four pieces at each level. Summer Nolan competed a beautiful and elegant floor routine and a stylish beam to take gold on both pieces, catching the judge's eye and receiving a special award for confidence on beam. She also placed 3rd on vault. Ruby Mercer put in some fantastic performances all round with powerful tumbles on floor and increased difficulty on beam. Her very strong vault and beautiful bar routine earned her gold medals on both pieces and a special award from the judges for her technical ability on bars. Cienna Kwaiye showed great improvement in her beam to take silver on this piece. Her stunning bar routine and powerful vault earned her 2 bronze medals and she went on to take a further bronze medal for floor. Millie Rive-Edwards gave us another crowd-pleasing floor routine with super energy and musicality and she performed a beautiful vault. She finished in second place on bars with a beautifully confident routine. Mabel Reinelt really showed how much progress she has made recently, looking very neat and tidy all round. Her improved, dynamic vault earned her both the gold medal and a special award from the judges. With good high tumbles on floor, lovely confident bars and a good, clean beam routine Mabel took the bronze medal on all three. Charlotte Wainford danced her way to a silver medal on floor with a fantastic score of 12.050. Holly Hunt produced a solid vault and a well-swung bar routine. Freya Hunt tumbled her way to 6th place on floor with an elegant routine. Maddie Bushen showed improved confidence and performances all round with lovely energy in her dance and great tumbles on floor. Ruslana Kompanets competed with improved confidence all round and her lovely beam routine saw her finish just outside of the medals in 4th place for this piece. Emily Riddell placed 5th on beam with a neat and precise routine and she produced a very pretty floor performance. Her bars also showed greater fluidity and confidence, a result of her hard work in the gym. Another pretty and confident floor routine with lovely dance was performed by Hannah Knell. Promising performances for the future from some of our youngest gymnasts!

Our Level 4 gymnasts were up against some strong competition from both Wickers and Leatherhead and Dorking. In the first age group, Jessica Hudgell claimed bronze all-around and her stunning bar routine, with a score of 12.30, won her a well-deserved gold medal. After a battle in warm-up with an on-going injury, Jess composed herself brilliantly to perform a super floor routine for 3rd place.  Joanne Brooker had a great competition and showed improved performances all round. She took the rosette for 5th place overall and competed a super handspring vault and clean bars. However the highlight of her performance was once again her fantastic floor routine. Competing her new straight front punch front combination for the first time, she took the gold.  Still struggling with injury, Izzy Stockwell competed just 2 pieces - beam and vault. She performed an elegant and improved beam routine but an unfortunate fall put her just outside of the medals.

In the second age group at Level 4, Lauren Martin won the gold all-around with new routines and improved confidence and style. Her super handspring vault and good clean bar routine saw her take 3rd place for both. Lauren displayed incredible gracefulness and musicality in her beautifully danced floor routine taking silver.

Round 2 of the competition saw Shannon Baker win a total of 4 golds and a bronze for a performance brimming with confidence. Shannon took all-around gold in the first age group of  Level 3 and her powerful and solid Tsukahara vault earned her a second gold and a judge's award with an amazing score of 12.70. She followed this with a bronze on bars and then a lovely clean beam routine for a third gold medal. Competing a brand new floor routine with great elegance and some super twisting tumbles, Shannon claimed her 4th gold and second judge's award of the competition.

In the second age group at Level 3, Emily Pearce took the all-around title. A very strong Tsukahara vault and a solid bar routine earned her silver medals on both. She competed a clean beam to finish in 4th and a beautiful floor routine with some powerful twists for another silver. Amirah Blackman finished in 3rd place all around and competed a stunning bar routine with excellent shapes and style to take the gold on bars and a special judge's award for technical ability. Despite a fall on beam, her beautiful routine earned her the silver medal and a second judge's award.

At Level 2, Amanda Cook was on top form and took the title with ease. Her new impressive Yurchenko vault looked effortless and obviously impressed the judges who awarded her an average score of 12.65, the gold medal and a special judge's award. Amanda performed a beautifully dramatic floor routine to take top spot on floor and a second judge's award for artistry. Her beam routine was packed with difficulty and despite having a fall to count, she took the gold again here, a clear mark ahead of any other competitor.

Our Challenge Espoirs, Annabel Agba and Grace Miller, finished in 1st and 2nd place respectively. Annabel competed an impressive new combination on bars for the bronze medal and her fantastic tumbles and precise landings on floor earned her the silver medal here with a further bronze on beam. Grace Miller competed a very strong Tsukahara vault and a beautifully danced floor routine with great tumbling. She showed great composure on the beam to finish her routine with confidence and style after an unfortunate fall.

Josie Griffiths, competing at Challenge Junior level, was up against strong gymnasts from Harrow and Woking. She performed extremely well to take the bronze medal all-around showing much-improved confidence on beam. The high point of Josie's competition has to be her fantastic floor routine where she competed a double back somersault for the first time, earning herself the bronze for floor.

In the Challenge Senior group, Rachael Page was crowned all-around champion, fighting off more strong competition from Harrow. She took silver on vault for an incredibly powerful performance with an amazing score of 12.80. She competed a good, clean bar routine with great height on her dismount for a 4th place finish. Her confidence on beam earned her a special award from the judges but an unfortunate fall put her just outside of the medals in 4th place. As usual, Rachael performed her floor routine with beautiful elegance and lovely dance, tumbling her way into the top spot and the gold medal.

Floor and Vault at Kent Championships

Members of the clubs Gymnastics for All programme and Floor & Vault Squad competed at the Kent Championships 6th, 7th June with great success. A grand total of  69 gymnasts competed and of these 20 were members of the GfA programme. A mix of first time competitors, gymnasts that have competed more times than they can count, and a great set of results on and off the podium.

Novice A - Boys 7&8 Years
Elliott Cox 3rd

Novice A – Boys 9-11yrs
Ethan Yates 3rd, Dominic Gray 7th   

Novice Girls 9yrs
Phoebe Armitage 3rd, Poppy Gedge 8th, Lili Magyar 10th

Intermediate Boys
Aaron Halim 4th, Illya Kompanets 5th  

Novice Girls 9yrs
Annabelle Taylor 5th, Ami Homewood 10th

Intermediate Boys 11+yrs
Oliver Pearce 1st, Joshua Wall 4th

Intermediate Girls 11+
Lydia Sutehall 8th, Natalie Cook 11th

Novice Girls 9yrs
Anezka Eichler-Gregory 6th Abbie Outram 7th, Aiya Fernandez 8th, Tanya Biju 9th, Sophie Wheat 14th  

Novice Girls 10yrs
Lillie-Sue Millen 4th

Novice Girls 9yrs
Lucy Pender 9th, Amy Conner 9th, Matilda Lemar-Brown 10th

Novice Girls 10yrs
Macie Parsons 5th

Novice Girls 11yrs
Freya Shephard 3rd

Novice Girls 12+yrs
Taylor Lemar-Brown 11th

Intermediate Girls 10yrs

Katie Barraclough 2nd, Josie Billingham 5th

Novice Girls 10-12yrs
Hannah Wheat 1st, Emilia Bengtsson-Wheeler 4th, Sofia Weed 6th, Noemi Opavski 10th, Nina Morley 11th, Rosin McGregor 12th, Eleanor Tsang 13th

Novice Boys 7-9yrs
Felix Barber 2nd, Fabian Rugina 4th

Intermediate Girls 12yrs
Eloise Crouch 6th, Valerija Gerbe 10th, Amy Lund 13th

Intermediate Girls 9yrs
Demi Barker 7th, Millie Armstrong 10th

Intermediate Girls 13+yrs
Charlotte Warwick 11th

Advanced Girls 11-12yrs

Zara Warne 5th, Emillie Dann 11th  

Bronze Girls 10-11yrs
Hana Griffiths 3rd, Megan Jones 8th

Silver Boys
Tyler Thorne 1st, Jacob Faithful 3rd, Carl Cox 6th

Bronze Boys
Rowan Ellis 1st, Andrew Sutton 2nd, Vitaliy Demyrov 3rd, Kieran Aimable 4th, Eddie Estcourt 5th, Kelechi Ryan 7th

Silver Girls 13+yrs
Maisie Jones 1st, Alicia Grassom 2nd, Lily Redmond-Motteram 9th

Gold Girls
Hannah Wallace 1st

Advanced Girls 9-10yrs
Alice Whiteside 5th

Bronze Girls 12+yrs
Rebecca Westby 5th, Amelia Tsang 6th, Jamie Forster 7th, Rosy Wright 9th, Ellie Blackborrow 10th, Jessica Overy 12th, Tegan Fraser 13th


Meapa Floor & Vault Invitational.

Members of the Floor & Vault squad have competed at the Meapa Invitational with great success. 35 members took part taking a total of 18 medals. A great result for all those that competed across the two days!

Portugal Training Camp for the Artistic Squads

17 members of the Artistic Squads travelled to Anadia, Portugal for a training camp. The trip was a huge success! Combined with training in the gym and time spent bonding as a group around the pool and at the beach all the gymnasts had a great time, so much so that next years dates are already booked to go back again!

World Cup Success for James Hall

James Hall has just returned from Bulgaria with 2 World Cup Medals from the High Bar and Floor finals!
He competed in the qualification events on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th to successfully secure a place within the finals in 7th and 8th place. Performing remarkably with cleanly executed routines he trumped his qualification places to take home a silver and bronze medal! Not only did James take home medals he has also secured himself points that are issued by the FIG.

Bundesliga, Germany Success for James Hall

Requested to compete for a local Team James Hall travelled to Germany. He competed with great routines in an arena with previous Olympic Medallists to win the overall title twice, two weekends in a row!



European Championships

Courtney Tulloch has been selected as part of the GB team to compete at the European Championships in Montpellier, France. Read about it here on British Gymnastics Website

European Championships

Courtney Tulloch has qualified for the Rings Finals on Saturday 18th April. What a great result…. He scored a great 15.466 and qualified in 7th place. The remaining gymnasts within the final are from Italy, Netherlands, France, Russia, Armenia and Greece. Top qualification score was a massive 16.00 and only 0.2 in difference between Courtney's 7th place and the potential medal spot in bronze!

European Championships

What a great result. Courtney Tulloch has finished in 8th place in the Rings Final at the European Championships….. Onwards and upwards now to the World Championships in Glasgow!

Men’s Regional Championships

The boys have successfully competed at the regional Championships taking 2 Regional Titles! Euan Cox finished in 1st place with team mate Sam Mostowfi following in 2nd place in the Under 14 category. Isaac Frimston competed in the Under 12 category also taking the gold medal! Lewis Smee competing for his first time as a member of the Men’s Squad at Pegasus competed in the Under 10 category and finished in 5th place. All 4 boys performed well and looked stylish throughout the competition capturing both the attention of the audience and fellow gymnasts and coaches alike.

Competitive Squads Gym Completed!
The Competitive Squads have started training within their new home Monday 9th February! It has made such a difference to their training and will show up in the competition arena soon!
It has also meant that space has been freed up with the GfA gym for additional classes to be ran! Win win situation for everyone :-)



Floor & Vault compete at Kent Floor & Vault Teams

Members of the Floor & Vault squad competed as teams within Kent. A great day was had by all with some great results:
Bronze level:
Team 2nd Rosy Wright, Amelia Tsang, Jessica Overy, Aisling Day
Team 4th Jamie Forster, Eesha Qureshi, Rebecca WestbyTeam
5th Kieran Aimable, Vitaliy Demyrov, Kelechi Ryan
Team 6th Rowan Ellis, Eddie Estcourt, Andrew Sutton
Team 7th Ellie Blackborrow, Hana Griffiths, Ellie Robinson

Silver level:
Team 2nd Jemima Gauntlett, Maisie Jones, Lily Redmond-Motteram, Rebecca Stone
Team 6th Alex Demyrov, Jacob Faithful, Tyler Thorne, Jamie Williams

Advanced level:
Team 3rd Emillie Dann, Kalina Tzvetanova

Gold level:
Team 1st Scarlett Wright, Abigail Clarke, Hannah Wallace

Building Works in 3rd Gym complete!
The 3rd gym is ready for equipment instalation by Gymnova! March 2015 should see the Artistic Squads in their new home!


Novice Boys 7-9 Years
Fabian Rugina 1st, Felix Barber 3rd, Dylan Simpson 4th

Novice Girls 8 Years
Poppy Gedge 4th Lili Magyar 7th

Novice Girls 9 Years
Mei Lin Reeves 5th Nina Morley 7th Phoebe Armitage 9th

Novice Girls 10 Years
Emilia Bentson-Wheeler 1st

Novice Girls 11-12 Years
Hannah Wheat 1st, Eleanor Tsang 7th

Intermediate Boys 8-9 Years
Aaron Halim 1st, Illya Kompanets 3rd

Intermediate Girls 11-14 Years
Lydia Sutehall 10th

Intermediate Boys 11-14 Years
Oliver Pearce 3rd

Advanced Girls 10-11 Years
Alice Whiteside 3rd Emilie Dann 5th Kalina Tsvetanova 7th Zara Warne 8th

Bronze Girls 11-12 Years
Rosy Wright 1st, Ellie Blackborrow 3rd, Megan Jones 4th, Hana Griffiths 5th

Bronze Girls & Boys 10-11 Years
Vitaliy Demyrov 1st

Bronze Girls & Boys 12-13 Years
Rowan Ellis 2nd, Jamie Forster 3rd, Jessica Overy 4th

Silver Girls 9-12 Years
Maisie Jones 1st

Silver Boys 10-11 Years
Jacob Faithful 2nd, Tyler Thorne 4th

Silver Girls 13-15 Years
Alicia Grassom 1st, Jemmima Gauntlett 3rd

Gold Girls 14-15 Years
Scarlett Wright 3rd

Kent Floor & Vault Team Competition

Members of the Floor and Vault Squad competed as part of team with great success again.
Bronze level:
Team 4th Jamie Forster, Eesha Qureshi, Rebecca Westby
Team 7th Ellie Blackborrow, Hana Griffiths, Ellie Robinson
Team 6th Rowan Ellis, Eddie Estcourt, Andrew Sutton
Team 5th Kieran Aimable, Vitaliy Demyrov, Kelechi Ryan
Team 2nd Rosy Wright, Amelia Tsang, Jessica Overy, Aisling Day
Silver level:
Team 6th Alex Demyrov, Jacob Faithful, Tyler Thorne, Jamie Williams
Team 2nd Jemima Gauntlett, Maisie Jones, Lily Redmond-Motteram, Rebecca Stone
Advanced level:
Team 3rd Emillie Dann, Kalina Tzvetanova
Gold level:
Team 1st Scarlett Wright, Abigail Clarke, Hannah Wallace
Well done!!!!!!!!!

Girls make Kent County Squad
Pegasus has seen a record number of gymnasts make the Kent County Squad for 2015. Congratulations to Jessica Hudgell, Grace Miller, Emily Pearce, Amanda Cook, Isabelle Stockwell, Shannon Baker, Amirah Blackman, Joanne Brooker, Rachael Page, Annabel Agba, Josie Griffiths, Phoebe Davis

Men’s Gymnova Pegasus Invitational

Following the success of the Women's competition two weeks ago, this Sunday saw Pegasus Gymnastics Club host its first Men's Artistic Competition since moving to the new facility. The strong team of Pegasus gymnasts were joined by high-performing clubs from around the country, resulting in a thrilling competition for the coveted top spots.

The Under 8s category saw five of our youngest gymnasts take to the floor. For some, this was their first 6 piece competition and they all produced confident performances all round, earning valuable competition experience. Connor Prasetyo finished in 4th place overall, taking bronze for his superb effort on Rings. Jayden Bains finished in 5th all around taking silver on Rings and gold on Parallel Bar. He earned himself a further gold medal for an outstanding handspring vault. Charlie Clark had a great competition, taking 6th all around and winning bronze on floor with a very neat and precise routine. His confident Rings performance earned him a further bronze medal. Chase Baker and Joshua Minnis were two of the youngest competitors in the group finishing in 9th and 10th respectively. Both boys displayed very good routines on both Rings and Parallel Bars and show great promise for the future.

Lewis Smee, in the Under 10 category, was up against some stiff competition from both Woking and Huntingdon. However, he maintained his focus and produced some outstanding performances to take 5th all around. Lewis tumbled his way to gold on Floor with a brilliantly performed routine. He swung a superb High Bar routine, packed with difficulty, and easily claimed the top spot on this piece scoring a massive 13.400.

Isaac Frimston represented Pegasus in the Under 12 age group and stormed his way to a total of 5 golds, one silver and one bronze, taking the all-around title with ease, over 6 whole marks ahead of second place. Isaac performed an incredibly stylish floor routine with difficult tumbles to take first place with a score of 12.800. His work on High Bar had great difficulty but was extremely well-executed, leaving the judges with little to deduct and earning him his third gold. Isaac went on to take further golds for Vault and Pommel, silver for Rings and bronze for Parallel Bars. An outstanding all-around performance and certainly a gymnast to watch for the future.

Our Under 14 gymnasts produced some fantastic routines, impressing both the audience and judges. Euan Cox swung a superb High Bar routine and displayed great skill, strength and control on the Rings taking gold on both apparatus. He earned a further 2 silver medals on Vault and Pommel and took bronze on both Floor and Parallel Bars. An unfortunate fall on floor saw him just miss out on the all-around title, finishing in second place. Team mate Sam Mostowfi claimed the bronze all-around and gold on Floor with a score of 12.800. He produced some great routines on Parallel Bars and Rings to take second place on each apparatus and some very clean work on High Bar earned him the bronze. Sam Ghinn, in his first competition since returning from a serious knee injury, competed 5 pieces and finished 5th all-around with a 4th placing on Parallel Bars. Still restricted in certain skills, Sam competed with a maturity beyond his years and a fantastic attitude towards his first post-injury competition.

Deal Invitation Competition

Sunday 7th September saw 12 of our youngest gymnasts compete at the Deal Invitational. In the first round of the day, Jada-Rose impressed at Prep 6 with super height in her straddle jump on floor, a powerful vault and a gorgeous, steady beam routine taking the top spot and claiming the gold medal all-around. Evie Armstrong was equally impressive with a beautifully flighted vault and a solid beam routine. Her beautiful floor earned her the top score of the round on that piece and she took silver all-around. The bronze medal went to Pegasus gymnast Cara Mullane who performed a very well-presented floor routine and showed improved confidence on beam placing 2nd.

Next was the turn of the Level 5 in-age gymnasts born in 2007. Charlotte Wainford shone once again, proving the value of competing with clean routines. She produced some fantastic performances to take the silver medal, placing second on vault, bars and beam looking confident and stylish throughout the competition. Cienna Kwayie also had her sights set on a medal. Her outstanding vault and stunning floor routine, together with a top score on bars placed her in bronze medal position. Summer Nolan performed a fantastic top-scoring floor routine full of beautiful artistry and huge tumbles, clearly impressing the judges and audience. However, a few unfortunate errors on bars and beam left her just outside of the medals in 4th place. Emily Riddell received the rosette for 5th place. Her beautiful beam routine, including her new skill - a backward walkover - received the second highest score of the round. She also showed off her new floor with style. Reece Hounsell and Ruslana Kompanets finished in 7th and 9th respectively. Reece showed improvements on both vault and floor, displaying improved choreography since the last competition while Ruslana gave a careful and precise beam performance.

At Level  4 in-age, Jessica Hudgell competed cleanly on all apparatus. Her powerful vault and well-swung bar routine earned her huge scores of 12.000 and 12.150 respectively. She showed grace and elegance on the floor, performing her new choreography with confidence and style. Being the only 2006 born gymnast in Kent good enough to enter at this level, she was crowned Level 4 in-age Champion. In the Level 4 out-of-age category, Joanne Brooker and Isabelle Stockwell were two of the youngest competitors in a field of 13 gymnasts. Joanne gave a clean performance on bars and produced another dramatic top-scoring floor routine with super tumbles and great height in her leaps, impressing the coaches and judges alike and earning her the silver medal all-around. Izzy performed a gorgeous floor routine but unfortunately fell during a new tumble. She successfully competed giants in her bar routine for the first time, showed great flight on the vault, top scoring on this apparatus, and showed great improvements in her confidence on beam, finishing in bronze medal position all-around.

A fantastic competition for all involved and, with some improvements still to be made, great preparation for the upcoming South East Regionals in 2 weeks time.

Men’s Regional Championships

Members of the Men’s Artistic Squad competed at the Regional Championships held at Pegasus. The Regional Championships is a competition that acts as a qualification for the National Finals later in the year. The competition started off with the younger boys. Charlie Clark, Conner Prasetyo and Asher Morley finishing in 4th, 5th, 6th places all competed well and demonstrated great improvement. Euan Cox  took Gold in his category demonstrating clean and secure routines, along with team mate Sam Mostowfi and Sam Ghinn taking gold and bronze within their categories. Isaac Frimston also took gold, along with Lewis Smee and Oakley Banks winning Gold and Silver. Euan Cox, Sam Mostowfi, Sam Ghinn, Isaac Frimston, Lewis Smee and Oakley Banks have all secured their spaces within the South East regional Team for the National Finals later in November.

World Championships

The World Championships are getting closer and clubs around the country have had the chance to win exclusive prices and be part of it. Pegasus have submitted their “Be Part of It” photo…..

You can see all the entries on the British Gymnastics website by clicking here

World Championships

James Hall has made the Great British Team for the World Championships later this month! He qualified as the team reserve after a gruelling process of trials and controlled competitions. He will enjoy all the experiences of the arena, competition and success! A huge congratulations to you James and Ionut.

GB International Call-Up

Gymnasts Euan Cox and Sam Mostiowfi have been selected to represent Great Britain at up and coming Internationals!Euan will be travelling to Italy during October and Switzerland to compete at the 4 Ways International later in the year. Sam has been selected to compete in France in December. Fantastic achievement for both boys and their coaches. Congratulations!


London Open

Members of the Men’s Artistic Squad competed at the London Open with great success. Isaac Frimston…… Euan Cox stormed the competition to take silver and achieve selection to represent GB internationally. Performing clean routines with high difficulty Euan also took the gold on  Rings, P.Bar and H.Bar. Team mates Sam Ghinn and Sam Mostowfi also had a successful competition. Sam Ghinn, returning from injury, demonstrated huge improvement and managed to hold his nerve within the arena after a long absence to claim 3rd place on Pommel and Sam Mostowfi finished in 5th place all around.

Continuing along the lines of success Lewis Smee took gold all around and gold on High Bar with a clean performance and Oakley Banks closely behind in 3rd place.

Croatia World Cup

Courtney Tulloch has been selected to represent GB at the World Cup in Croatia! With a great build up to the competition Courtney qualified for the Rings Final in 3rd place, and held his nerve throughout the final. Competing his named skill within the Code of Points successfully, and a steady routine he took the Bronze in the final! A huge congratulations to both Courtney and Ionut

Women's Artistic South East Regional Championships 2015

The first stage of the Women's Regional Competition took place in Guildford in September. With high performance clubs from all over the South East competing, the Pegasus girls had their work cut out. But as usual, the hard work and excellent preparation by both gymnasts and coaches brought home some fantastic  results.

At Modified 6 (2005+), 5 of our 6 gymnasts finished in the top 6 and all of the girls showed improved performances all around. Holly Hunt claimed gold with Ruby Mercer in Bronze position. Holly's superb beam routine saw her finish in first place on this piece, and Ruby also top-scored with her powerful vault. Gemma Scott and Freya Hunt were awarded rosettes for 4th and 5th respectively, with Freya claiming the top spot on floor and Gemma taking 2nd on bars. Maddie Bushen just missed out on a top 6 place finishing a very credible 8th and taking 2nd place with her well-executed vault. But it was on the floor where Pegasus dominated, showing off their smart new floor routines and taking 1st-4th positions with ease.

In the 2006/2007 age group, Hanna Knell produced her best performance to date showing hugely increased confidence on all pieces, finishing in 4th place in a large field of 13. She claimed another 3rd placing on floor for Pegasus with a beautifully danced routine, and gave a neat and confident performance to take second place on beam.

The Prep 6 round was an extremely large group with 35 gymnasts entered. For our youngest gymnasts, this was the biggest competition they had entered and they all did themselves proud, holding their nerve in a big arena and producing lovely clean routines. Jada-Rose finished in 8th position giving a stunning floor performance and a beautiful beam routine. Evie Armstrong was close behind in 10th performing a strong bar routine and showing good improvements all round. Cara Mullane gave lovely clean performances and displayed greater confidence on all pieces, finishing a credible 15th. Scarlet Holmes, in her first 4-piece competition, also competed with clean routines and a strong performance on beam, finishing 19th overall. Very valuable competition experience for all.

At Level 5 (in-age 2007), it was nearly a clean sweep for Summer Nolan who claimed overall Gold with first place finishes on floor, beam and vault. Her beautiful floor routine impressed both the audience and the judges who struggled to find deductions to take. A fall to count on bars kept her off the top spot for this piece but made no difference to the all-around positions. Cienna Kwaiye was close behind her team mate taking Silver all-around and producing gorgeous routines on both floor and beam. She displayed great consistency taking second place on every apparatus. The 4th place rosette was awarded to Charlotte Wainford who gave clean performances all-around, displayed increased confidence on the beam and finished in 3rd place on floor. Mabel Reinelt, Emily Riddell and Ruslana Kompanets finished very credibly  in 8th, 10th and 11th positions out of a huge field of 25. Mabel produced a strong floor routine for a 5th place finish, also coming 3rd on beam. Emily gave an improved performance on beam, finishing in 4th place and performed a gorgeous new floor routine. Ruslana swung a strong bar routine, finishing in 3rd place on this apparatus and performed her best vault to date.

In the Level 4 (2005) age group, Isabelle Stockwell took the Bronze medal overall. Her beautifully danced floor, with big tumbles and her powerful vault saw her take the top spot on both pieces, however unfortunate falls on both bars and beam kept her off the top of the podium all-around. Joanne Brooker achieved a personal best score on bars with a clean, confident and well-swung routine. She was also awarded the second highest score on floor for her clean and strong performance. But it was not her day on beam, and some unfortunate falls here kept her out of the medals, finishing in 11th place.

In the Level 4 (2004+) category, Lauren Martin gave her best ever performance all-around taking the silver medal with only 0.15 between her and gold. She showed improved flow on bars, a strong vault and a stunning floor routine taking the top spot on this piece.

The Level 4 in-age (2006) competition was not due to take place until the middle of October, however the gymnasts were allowed to compete with their scores counting towards the overall Team score, but no individual medals were awarded.  Jessica Hudgell displayed great artistry in her floor and a powerful vault but an unfortunate fall on beam kept her out of the top 3, finishing in 4th place. With improvements still to be made before the in-age competition next month, it was a very promising performance.

With the top 3 scores on each piece across the whole of Level 4 contributing to the overall team score, the Level 4 Team of Lauren, Isabelle, Joanne and Jessica were also awarded Team Silver. A fantastic achievement for all 4 girls, with each of them contributing to the team total.

At Level 3 (2004+) Shannon Baker carried the flag for Pegasus, with a superbly strong competition. Shannon took all-around silver with just 0.05 between her and the gold medal. She performed an incredible piked Tsukahara vault with a beautifully stuck landing for a score of 12.750 and a second place finish. Her stunning new floor routine was danced beautifully and she tumbled her way to the top spot on this piece. Despite a fall, Shannon still finished in 3rd place on beam, performing a superb sheep jump with great height. A fantastic achievement and testament to her excellent attitude and hard work in the gym.

In the Level 2 (2003+) competition, it was Gold and Silver for Emily Pearce and Amirah Blackman - extremely impressive considering this was the first time competing at this level for both gymnasts. Despite some nerves in warm-up, Emily stepped up to produce some fantastic  powerhouse performances coming joint second on vault with a superb Tsukahara, first on beam and second on floor. Amirah's elegance stood out throughout the competition and she successfully competed her new Tsuk vault for the first time, tying in second place with Emily. Her beautiful shapes and precision in her bar routine earned her the top spot on this piece.

In the Fig Challenge category of the competition, Grace Miller competed in the Espoir age group. Her trademark floor routine was once again beautifully danced and a joy to watch! A beautifully performed beam routine and powerful vault put her into second place on both apparatus and she remained composed throughout the competition to take the Bronze medal all-around. At Senior level, Rachael Page competed with her usual business-like approach. Performing a superb beam routine and a beautifully artistic floor, Rachael took first place on both apparatus. She competed a very strong vault for a score of 12.700 and claimed the silver medal all-around.

Congratulations to all our gymnasts and coaches for a fantastic set of results.

GB - Spain (World Trials)

James Hall and Courtney Tulloch have competed at Lilleshall against the Spanish as part of the trials for the World Championships. Both performed well and completed all their routines to standards.

GB - France (World Trials)

James Hall competed as part of the GB team in France. The team took gold and had a very successful competition.

World championships

The Great British Team have taken the Team Silver Medal just behind Japan! A fantastic team result and James Hall was part of it! Congratulations to the team, coaches and of course James and Ionut!

International Call Up Success for Euan Cox

Euan Cox represented GB in Germany. Competing with clean routines and great poise Euan took Silver in the all around competition and qualified for 3 finals - H.Bar, Rings and P.Bar. Competing with again clean routines Euan also won Gold for each of these Apparatus Finals!! Congratulations Euan and Coaches!


Under 12 & Under 14 Men’s British

Members of the Men’s Squad competed at the British Championships over the weekend of 5th, 6th November with great success. Isaac Frimston competed in the Under 12 category finishing in 18th place. Performing well on Rings, Vault and P.bars however sadly made a few mistakes on Floor, Pommel, H.Bar.

Euan Cox, Sam Ghinn, and Sam Mostowfi competed in the Under 14 age group. Euan won the All Around title along with taking gold on Rings and P.Bars. Silver on High Bar, and Bronze on Floor. A great competition for Euan aiding potential selection for the Top GB Squad.

Competing at Under 14’s for their first year, Sam Ghinn won the Gold on Pommel, and Sam Mostowfi finished in 6th place All around.

A great competition for the boys and their coaches.