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News Throughout 2014


Pegasus hold their first competition in our new facility...

Sunday 30th November saw the club host its first Floor and Vault Invitational competition and Key Steps event. 354 gymnasts participated in the event from both the club and around Kent across the 2 events. An early 7.30am start, the day started with members of the club as young as 5 years old demonstrating their skills on floor and vault, following on to children up to 17 years old competing routines with music and dynamic vaults. A great team of coaches, judges, volunteers, helpers, Young Leaders, parents, and event organisers made this event possible.

Download your score sheets here from the day:

Keysteps Event:

Round 1A, Round 1B

Round 2A, Round 2B

Floor and Vault Invitational

Round 3A, Round 3B

Round 4A, Round 4B

Round 5A, Round 5B

Round 6A, Round 6B

James Hall secures World Cup selection!

James Hall will be competing and representing GB as an all around individual gymnast at the World Cup in Glasgow Saturday 6th November. He achieved this result after competing in Barcelona and Stuttgart earlier in November with some of the Worlds best gymnasts! Congratulations James.....

Girls and Boys make National Squad!

Congratulations to Sam Ghinn, Sam Mostowfi, Euan Cox, Isaac Frimston and Amanda Cook on their recent selection to the GB National Squad!

Pegasus Secures National results!!

5 boys from Pegasus qualified in the top spots at the Regional Grades back in September and secured their spaces in the South East teams for the National Finals over the weekend of Friday 7th and Saturday 8th November. The best 6 gymnasts from regions all over the country were about to compete for national titles.

Reece Shephard competed at Club level 5 and performed to his best, with a dynamic and powerful vault and clean secure routines all around. Reece helped the South East team to secure the silver team medal!

Isaac Frimston, part of the Elite level 3 and competing as an individual, secured the all-around individual silver medal! Demonstrating poise, strength, artistic flare and confidence he successfully presented all 8 routines cleanly.

Sam Ghinn and team mate Sam Mostowfi were both part of the South East Elite level 4 team. Mostowfi won the individual bronze, again with polished routines and much improved style, along with team mate Ghinn in 7th place due to an unfortunate fall from the Pommel. Both Ghinn and Mostowfi put in outstanding performances towards the team total to achieve the team silver!

Finally Euan Cox competed in the Elite level 5 category and took both titles! Securing individual all-around gold and team gold Euan had a fantastic competition.

The South East also claimed the title of the “Blakeborough Trophy” for the most successful region over the weekend! Something that the South East region has never achieved before!

Euan, Sam Mostowfi, Sam Ghinn and Isaac are now awaiting confirmation as to whether they have achieved the all-important National Squad status for the up and coming year!

Congratulations to all the boys, and their coaches Ionut Trandaburu, Ovi Rugina and Dave Ansell


Pegasus shines at the F&V Regional Championship

The Floor & Vault Squad took part at the Regional Championship for Advanced, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels at K2 Crawley Sunday 19th October. 30 members of the Floor and Vault squad took part and competed with great performances and brilliant style to bring home a total of 19 medals!

In the Advanced girls 2004- 2005 Alice Whiteside finished in 5th place. Megan Jones - 1st, Hana Griffiths - 2nd and Zara Warne - 13th all competed in the Advanced girls 2004 category. The Advanced girls 2003 category saw Tegan Fraser take 3rd place, and Jamie Foster, and Rebecca Westby take 3rd and 6th places in the Advanced girls 2001- 2002 category. Kelechi Ryan took 1st place and team mates Eddie Estcourt in 2nd and Kieran Amiable in 5th in Advanced boys 2003- 2004 category. Rowan Ellis also crowned a champion with 1st and Andrew Sutton 3rd in the Advanced boys 2000 - 2001 age group.

In the Bronze level - 2003- 2004 category Rosy Wright claimed 2nd place and Jessica Overy 5th. Aisling Day, Amelia Tsang took 2nd 5th places in the Bronze girls 2001- 2002 category. Also at Bronze Level Ruby Chandler took 12th place in the 1998 - 2000 category.

Pegasus also had a large number of boys competing at Bronze Level! boys 2004- 2005

With the Advanced Level boys on a gold medal haul the Bronze Boys carried on, Tyler Thorne won 1st place and Jacob Faithful took 2nd in the 2004-2005 age group, along with team mates Alex Demyrov 2nd and Jamie Williams 5th in the 2002 - 2003 age group. Carl Cox was crowned champion in the 2000 - 2001 category along with Vitaliy Demyrov also taking gold in the 2005-2006 age group!

In the Silver Level Maisie Jones took 1st place in the 2002 - 2004 category and Jemmima Gauntlett and Lily Redmond-Motteram in 6th place in the 2000 category. Scarlet Wright won gold and achieved the highest total score of the competition of 17.20 and Alicia Grassom finished in 4th place. Team mates Hannah Wallace and Abiagail Clarke also has podium finishes with 1st and 2nd places in the 1997 - 1998 category of the Silver Level.

A total of 16 gymnasts due to their final results have over scored and qualified to move up a higher level!

Well done to everybody involved into the competition and once more Pegasus has shown what a great team of coaches and gymnasts we’ve got.

World Championships!

Courtney Tulloch has been selected to represent Team GB at the World Championships in Nanning, China!

Keep up to date by clicking here....


Pegasus score high during September

Gymnasts from Pegasus Gymnastics Club in Tovil have been competing and succeeding during September at a Local Invitational to National and International Competitions.

A grand total of 39 gold medals, 9 silver medals, 14 bronze medals, 9 Regional Titles, 2 National Titles, 5 International Titles were won. A further 5 gymnasts qualified to compete at the National Finals in November and 1 reserve. One Gymnast was also selected for the World Championships and 2 more selected to represent GB at Internationals.

Courtney Tulloch, a well-known member of the Men’s Artistic Squad, will be traveling to China as part of the Great British team to compete at the World Championships! Team mate James Hall will be traveling to Barcelona during November representing Great Britain with Coach Ionut Trandaburu. Both James and Courtney secured their GB call ups for these events due to recent successes at competitions in Italy, Spain and the London Open. Courtney took gold for Rings over previous World Champion Yury Van-Gelder from Netherlands at the recent London Open event, Gold in Spain and Bronze in Italy. Courtney is a contender for the rings final in the World Championships. James along with his team mate competed in Spain and Italy with success securing the individual all-around title in Spain along with gold on Pommel, and an overall 4th place in Italy. James proved he is an true International gymnast. Euan Cox was also selected to represent Team GB in Cottbus Germany. Euan successfully took the individual all-around title, qualified for 4 apparatus finals and won Parallel Bars!

Sam Mostowfi, Sam Ghinn, Isaac Frimston and Reece Shephard all competed at the London Open securing 12 gold medals! With clean routines and positive performances the boys looked stylish and confident. All 4 boys have secured places in the South-East teams for the National finals in November, after storming the podium at the Regional Qualifications with yet again more medal winning performances.

Rachael Page, Josie Griffiths, Amanda Cook, Annabel Agba and Grace Miller competed in the Bill Slater Team Championships. This is a national junior team competition where the best juniors from the UK compete to be named the best UK junior team. It was an achievement for Pegasus to have a team let alone finish 15th in a field of incredible talented teams. Stand out performances came from Rachael page and Amanda Cook who were the backbone of the team.

Members of the girl’s development squad took to the competition arena for their first competition looking stylish. Holding together their nerves they competed well, gained confidence and experience at the Deal Invitational where they won 5 of a possible 6 gold’s along with a huge number of silver and Bronze medals.

At the South East Regional Championships, the Pegasus girls stormed the competition and walked away with 10 Gold’s, 5 Silvers and 6 Bronzes; a record for Pegasus at this competition! All of the gymnasts finished within the top 6- a huge achievement! Amanda Cook qualified for the National Finals in November where she will go as the top scorer for the team. Isabelle Stockwell qualified as the travelling reserve.


Floor and Vault take part in Gym Fusion

On 20th July 2014 Pegasus floor and vault squad attended the South East Gymfusion at Guildford spectrum. They were among 18 performances including teams that have previously taken part in British Gala's and international gymnastics festivals. Pegasus were the first team to shine on the day and started the show off with a bang, performing a new zombie themed routine, which they had spent the last few months working furiously on. They took on the zombie characters easily and slightly scared the audience to with their great costumes and creepy choreography. They were then followed by many other fantastic performances by teams from around the country which truly made the day a spectacular event to be a part of.

Pegasus Gym Challenge

Wow…. What an amazing week! Congratulations to all those that took part in Gym Challenge across Kindergym, Gymnastics for All and Squads! See all the results by clicking here

Girls compete at the Challenge Cup

Rachael Page and Annabel Agba both competed at the British Challenge cup in Guildford.

Rachael Page competed in the Junior Age Group and showed much improved skills and new confidence.  Finishing in 14thplace within the country with a score 3 marks over that scored a year ago, Rachael demonstrated her poise and artistry in a newly choreographed floor routine, focus and determination throughout her beam routine and a much improved bar routine.

Team mate Annabel Agba competed in her first Challenge Cup with some exciting new skills on Floor and Bars. Annabel finished in 11th place overall narrowly missing out on a place in the top 6 and qualification to the British Championships due to two unfortunate falls on beam. Annabel competed a new bar routine including multiple turns and a floor routine with double somersaults, both of which caught the attention of the judges and audience, along with finishing in 4th place on each apparatus.

May 2014......

Boys Dover Open Floor &Vault Report

16 boys from the Floor & Vault Squad took part at the Dover Open Competition Sunday 25th of May. Competing clean routines and very
confident performances the boys managed to return home with 13 medals.

The day started with the younger of the competitors in the Novice 9 years category:

Aaron Halim finished in 2nd place and Illya Kompanets in 3rd, in Novice 10+ years Oliver Place secured the gold medal.

Round 2 saw the Intermediate 12+ years category and Joshua Wall take the silver medal in 2nd place and the Advanced 11+ years Alex Demyrov placed 1st, Eddie Estcourt 2nd, Samuel Brooker 3rd, and Jamie Williams 4th. A clean sweep of the podium for the Advanced boys!

In the Advanced 9 - 10 years category Tyler Thorne competed his way to 1st place, Kelechi Ryan 2nd, Vitaliy Demyrov and Jacob Faithfull joined 3rd, Kieran Aimable 5th. Yet another clean sweep of the podium

To finish the day Carl Cox competed at Bronze Level and finished in 4th place and competing in the Gold Level Gareth Thomas secured his gold medal with an impressive score of 17.40 being the first gymnasts from the Pegasus Floor & Vault squad to brake the barrier of 17.00 points. His team mate Stefan Noyelle secured the silver medal in the same level.

1st of 2 Open Days at Pegasus
Pegasus gymnastics opened its doors to the public for its first of two open days on Sunday 18th May.
People came along for free taster sessions for both dance and gymnastics classes, along with Street Dance workshops with Britain’s Got Talent finalists from 2010, Twist and Pulse.
Pegasus Dance Teachers were on hand to meet and greet the new dancers and explain about the full timetable of classes on offer including Ballet, Musical Theatre, Street Dance, Jazz, Cheerleading and Teacher Training Master Classes.  
Whilst the dance classes were taking place upstairs in our dance studio Pegasus welcomed over 150 young aspiring gymnasts into the newly developed gymnastics halls to trial a variety of disciplines including Free Style Gymnastics and classes for children as young as 9 months to adult ages! Participants tried their strength on the rings, balanced on the beams, and jumped and rolled on the floor and fast track, along with watching Twist and Pulse performing tricks in the FreeG area of the gym.
Members of the Pegasus Artistic Competitive squads, and dancers from Revolution Dance where on site for demonstrations during the day and helped and answered many questions from many people. It also gave others the opportunity to see what could be achieved and that dreams are needed for great success.

French Success for James Hall
James Hall competed in France with great success finishing in 2nd place as an individual and part of the mixed team including British and French gymnasts.
The French invited James to compete as part of the Orleans team across all 6 apparatus. Competing against Romanians, Italians, French, Spanish, Belgians, and Algerians James took the top spot on all apparatus across all the different leagues apart from 2nd place on High Bar.
Performing immaculate routines on 4 of the 6 apparatus, all James scores counted towards the Team total and silver medal. James coped extremely well under the high pressure of expectations due to his ever increasing reputation on the international circuit.

Boys compete at Pipers Vale Cup
Sam Ghinn, Sam Mostowfi, and Isaac Frimston competed as part of the Pegasus Team in the Under 12 category. They started the completion on vault with strong dynamic performances including somersaults from their hands, and taking an early lead. Mostowfi added a superb routine to the score card on Parallel bars including new skills, Ghinn performed excelled on High Bar with a great dismount and a flowing routine. Isaac demonstrated that he was fully spatially aware within his floor routine including multiple twists with faultless landings and grace. Pegasus boys demonstrated again in the arena that they are the kings of Rings with all 3 boys performing well with both strength and swinging skills. The team retained their early lead throughout the event and took the gold spot 7 marks ahead of last year’s champions!
Team mate Euan Cox competed in the Under 14 category claiming the top spot on Rings. Euan demonstrated many new elements and combinations during the day finishing in 11th position.
Ionut Trandaburu, Director of Coaching at Pegasus, was very please with the performances of the boys, and glad to see that the clubs boys are following in the footsteps of both James Hall and Courtney Tulloch with their hunger to succeed.


Girls compete at the National Finals
Amanda Cook, Josie Griffiths and Grace Miller competed in Birmingham representing the South East Region where they qualified back in March at the South East Grades.
Amanda competed against the top gymnasts from the Elite pathway from all over GB at the Compulsory National Finals.
After a difficult warm up period, Amanda gained confidence as the competition went on. She completed a clean Bar routine, a steady and well-presented beam routine. She performed a dramatic and elegant floor routine and a dynamic vault. Amanda finished a very credible 9th place. She also contributed some good scores for the team to take the Bronze Medal.
Josie Griffiths and Grace Miller competed in National Club Grade finals 2 weeks after Amanda. Annabel Agba was also the reserve for the South east.
Josie competed in Club Grade 6. Josie performed a steady bar routine, a stunning beam routine without a flicker of a wobble- making it look exceptionally easy to all in the arena- she oozed confidence! She also performed a stunning floor routine and a powerful vault. Josie finished 8th on floor and 13th overall- the scores were extremely close. Josie was the top scorer for the South east team leading the team to a 6th Place finish.
In club grade 7 Grace Miller represented the South East with Annabel Agba being the team reserve. Grace started with a super bar routine, performing with style and lovely clean lines. Beam was solid performance, again, looking super confident and strong. Grace stopped the show with her stunning floor routine gaining applause from the whole crowd. Grace finished 10th place overall and finished 6th on bars. Grace was also the top scorer for the south east team and led the team to a 6th place finish.

Boys compete in World Cup in Slovenia

Pegasus gymnasts James Hall and Courtney Tulloch have competed at the World Cup in Ljubljana, Slovenia, representing Great Britain with Coach Ionut Trandaburu.

Both only just 18 years of age, neither having competed at a World Cup before could only go by previous experience of watching the same event many years ago as to what to expect.

The competition included some of the world’s best from Netherlands, France, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Israel, Slovenia and Finland that have titled in events such as the Olympics, Europeans, and World Championships.

Both boys competed on 3 apparatus trying to secure a place within the finals on day 2 and 3, where only the top 8 would qualify for the World Cup top spot amongst 19 countries.

James started on Pommel with an unfortunate fall at the start of the routine, but completed the rest  of the routine cleanly. Parallel Bars saw a huge competition including European, Olympic, and World medallists and James held his nerves and finished in 12 places with a clean routine. Catching the eyes of the other delegations on High Bar, James showed exactly what he was able to do. Demonstrating a routine with 3 release and catches, turns, and a difficult dismount James finished in 12th place. A great performance from James across the day, with 3 finals narrowly missed out on.

Courtney started his competition on rings with a clean routine, and qualified for the finals in 5th place with a margin of 0.30 between him and the top spot, along with the current World, European and Olympic Champions. Floor saw a clean routine with multiple somersaults, but sadly a fall denied him the spot of a final. Courtney performed a clean routine on Parallel Bars to finish in 10th place including world class skills.

Day of the finals!

Up last to present. Courtney was able to watch the competition and make the necessary amends to his routine. An immaculate routine, including both strength and swinging elements, along with a nailed dismount he had all the other medal contenders nervously sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the result. Result in and Courtney scored 15.250, 0.075 behind 1st place! Silver medallist at the World Cup! Courtney managed to score above the current European Champion from France and World Medallist also from France.

Both boys now have a FIG (Federation of International Gymnastics) ranking. This is an international ranking where by gymnasts gain points relative to competition performance.

James secured 6 points, 3 for each of his performances on Parallel Bars and High Bar, and Courtney 25 points, made up from 5 on Parallel Bars and 20 for his silver medalling Rings routine!

Both boys are now hungry for more, and spent the weekend not only competing with the World’s best but forming relationships with other gymnast and officials from other nations.

March 2014......

Boys compete at the English Championships
Members of the Men’s Artistic squad competed at the English Championships in Wigan along with all of England!
The club, represented across 2 age groups, had a fantastic weekend. Competing in the youngest age group Isaac Frimston, Sam Mostowfi and Sam Ghinn all made remarkable progress within the competition arena. Competing with new routines and tricky combinations the boys competed well.
Sam Mostowfi finished in 5th place in the “Boys” category. Swinging a much improved Rings routine to finish in 3rd place and a 4th place finish on High bar Sam was very happy. Sam Ghinn finished in 10th place and just outside the apparatus medals for Isaac Frimston having had a couple of falls finished in 22nd place, and just outside the apparatus medals on both High Bar and Rings.
James Hall and Courtney Tulloch competed in the Seniors event with members of the London 2012 Olympic Bronze medallists with some great results! James finished in 8th place having fallen twice, losing an overall bronze medal, but proving that he is a viable contender to represent Great Britain as a 6 piece artistic gymnast! James also finished in 4th place on Pommels just behind Olympians Max Whitlock and Louis Smith!
Courtney Tulloch took the English title for Rings half a mark in front of 2nd place. Competing with 2 new vaults, both including a double somersault, Courtney also took the Bronze medal for this apparatus.

Women’ Artistic Squads compete at Regional Grades
Compulsory Grades- Friday 7th March
This was the First year Pegasus has entered more than one Gymnast into the compulsory Grades so a big achievement in itself to have 3 gymnasts ready to compete in this competition.
In the compulsory 5 category, Sydney Olivier-Hall competed well after being sick in the lead up to the competition and finished in Silver medal position. She was the highest scoring gymnast in her age group finishing in 2nd place on vault, Bars and Floor and 1st on Beam. She is certainly an exciting prospect for next year’s Grade 4 where it will lead to a National Final!
In Compulsory 4, Isabelle Stockwell finished in 6th Place just missing out on a place in the South East team for national finals. She competed cleanly on every piece but a few errors on bars put her out of the running. She finished 2nd on Range and Conditioning. Isabelle will be competing at National finals as an individual for Pegasus Gym Club.
In Compulsory 3, Amanda Cook finished in 3rd place, gaining a place in the South East team for the national finals in May at Birmingham. She looked beautiful as ever on floor but a couple of small errors on the other pieces of apparatus put her out of the running for a different coloured medal. She finished 3rd on Vault and Bars and 2nd on Beam.
Regional Grades - Saturday 8th March
In Grade 13 Joanne Brooker and Poppy West were competing. This was their first outing with new coach, Kathleen Boakes who had been working hard with them in the gym since January. Joanne has shown a massive improvement in her poise and precision since her previous competition. This was a credit to the hard work both Joanne and Kathleen had put into training. Joanne performed brilliantly on all pieces to finish 4th overall and passing her grade with a distinction. She also came 3rd Bars  and 2nd on Range and Conditioning. Poppy West also showed massive improvement in her style and tidiness across all pieces. Poppy finished a very credible 20th out of 31 gymnasts finishing 6th on bars.
In Grade 14, Jessica Hudgell competed for her first time in a Pegasus leotard since her move to the club late in 2013. Again, Jess has shown huge signs of improvement since joining Pegasus and looked stunning in her performances with lovely lines and beautiful artistry. Jessica finished 22nd out of a possible 57 gymnasts also coming first on vault and 3rd on bars, a great result for her first competition representing Pegasus!
In Grade 12, Millie Rive-Edwards and Lauren Martin drew some attention to the quality of all the Pegasus girls’ floor routines. There were some lovely comments made by other coaches and Judges about the standard of the choreography and beauty of the routines shown on floor across all the squad, which was lovely to hear and something that the gymnasts and coaches can be really proud of! Millie went clean on all pieces making the judges smile with her characteristic floor routine. She finished 4th overall also finishing 6th on vault and bars, passing her grade with distinction.
Lauren Martin, stopped the audience with her gorgeous floor routine to finish 1st on floor. She also showed huge improvement on bars and beam where she had not really done these before 1 year ago and only her 2nd competition as women’s artistic- well done Lauren! She is definitely one to watch for the coming years in her level!
National Grades- Sunday 9th March
Grade 8
Emily Pearce and Shannon Baker represented Pegasus in their first National grades. Emily performed a huge vault to finish in 2nd place on that piece and a floor routine that showed improvement on the choreography. An unfortunate fall on beam put Emily out of the running for nationals but she recovered well to finish in 10th place overall.
Shannon, also showing big signs of improvement, particularly on her beam performances- the confidence is growing and the routines looked much more relaxed than in previous times. Shannon came 5th on the beam after some stunning leaps and finished 9th overall.
Grade 7
Grace MIller and Annabel Agba  hoped to defend their gold and silver medal s from last year’s grade 8, however it wasn’t meant to be this time. Grace performed a show stopping floor routine, and a beautiful bar routine. A couple of minor errors put her out of the medals but all was not lost as she finished in 4th place to gain a place at the national finals representing the south east. She also gained 3rd place on floor and range & conditioning
Annabel also competed with a lovely bar routine, much improved range and a powerful floor routine. A nervous beam routine meant that she finished in 5th place, becoming the reserve for the nationals in May. Annabel also finished in 3rd on Bars and 1st on Floor.
Grade 6
Last of the day was Josie Griffiths! Josie had a nervous start on bars and beam, making a few errors but still looking lovely! She recovered well to smash her floor routine to take the top spot on floor. She also performed a brilliant vault to nail the landing and a lovely range. She finished 1st on Vault and Floor and 2nd on range. Overall, Josie came 2nd and gained a place at the national finals doing well to finish so high after a nervous start! Well done Josie!

Men’s Artistic Squad compete at the Regional Championships
Members of the Men’s squad, Sam Mostowfi, Sam Ghinn, Euan Cox and Isaac Frimston competed at the Regional Championships with huge success. Sam, Sam and Isaac competed in the U12 Age group and almost had a clean sweep of the podium. Sam Mostowfi finished in 1st place, Sam Ghinn in 2nd and team mate Isaac Frimston just out of the medals by 0.1 in 4th place.  Euan Cox competed in the Under 15 age group and took the Regional title by over 4 marks!

February 2014......

Floor and Vault compete at the Kent Teams Championships
Members of the Floor and Vault Squad competed Sunday 23rd February in Tonbridge at the Kent Teams Championships

Pegasus was represented by teams across five different levels
The first round saw the Girls Senior Advanced level team finish in 5th place overall. The team was made up of Emily Lane, Ellie Blackborrow, Megan Jones and Hana Griffiths. All these girls performed clean routines.

Carl Cox, Maisie Jones, Ruby Chandler and Eeasha Qureshi made up a Senior Mixed Bronze Team. Eeasha finished the competition in 3rd place.

In the Girls Senior Bronze level Rosy Wright, Aisling Day, Jessica Overy and Amelia Tsang took the bronze team medal , part of this team were new to competing at Bronze level!

Scarlett Wright, Abigail Clarke and Hannah Wallace took team silver in the Girls Silver Senior Level along with team mates Alicia Grassom, Rebecca Stone and Jemmima Gauntlett finishing in 4th place.
Edwina Crouch was part of a mixed team including gymnasts from 3 other clubs. She came 1st within the team and is now eligible for Silver level.

Congratulations to all the gymnasts and coaches that were involved within the event!

January 2014....

Floor and Vault perform at the Kent Festival!

Members of the Floor and Vault squad performed in the Kent Festival at Swallows Leisure Centre in Sittingbourne on Sunday 26th January. They were among 7 other groups performing throughout the day from other clubs around the county.
After rehearsing a modified routine relentlessly at the club, the Pegasus team took their performance of 'Hey Pacchuco!' - The Mask soundtrack, and amazed the spectators with clean tumbling and perfect synchronicity throughout. They exhumed a high energy and enthusiasm, added to by their bright costumes, which created a great atmosphere at the centre and left everyone buzzing afterwards.


Harley Eric Hounsell

Congratulations to Debbie & Greg on the birth of their baby son Harley, who arrived safely on 27th September 2014. We wish them all the best.

We have finally moved!!!
Pegasus Gymnastics started its move to its new premises in Tovil, Saturday 14th December 2013. With a huge amount of support from staff, Friends of Pegasus, members, friends and family the new facility hosted its first classes week commencing 6th January 2014!
To see how it all happened click on the image below to watch our Youtube video!!