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News Throughout 2013


Novice & Intermediate Floor & Vault Championships

Members of Pegasus Gymnastics club competed in Guildford at the South East Regional Floor and Vault Competition.

Many of the clubs competitors hadn’t competed before, so this was a huge new experience. The clubs competitors train in a variety of groups within Pegasus from the GFA classes to the development Floor and Vault Squads. The day held many rounds and different levels all with different age groups and over 600 competitors.
In the first of the Novice level rounds in the 2006 age group Anezka Eichler-Gregory finished in 6th place, along with team mates Alice Whiteside and Emily Galt finishing in 2nd and 5th place in the 2005 age group.

Round 2 saw the competitors born in 2004/2003. Charlotte King finished in 11th place, along with Hannah Wheat in 3rd taking the bronze medal, and Katie Boultwood in 20th. Team mates Amy Lund completed the competition in 5th, Eleanor Tsang in 9th, Millie Stone in 12th and Eloise Crouch in 18th.

Pegasus didn’t have any competitors in the 3rd round but made up for it in the 4th with 16 boys and a clean sweep of the podium.

In the 2004 category Oliver Pearce finished in 3rd place and Bobby Mullane in 8th place. In the 2005 category Aaron Hallim finished in 4th, Illya Kompanets in 5th, and William Dixon in 11th.

Moving into the Intermediate level in band A JJ Mullane finished in 3rd place. In the B band in the 2004 category Vitaliy Demyrov took the silver medal with team mate Kelechi Ryan with the bronze. Kieran Aimable finished in 7th, and Jacob Faithful in 9th.

In the 2003/2002 category Eddie Estcourt took gold, Sam Brooker silver, Jamie Williams bronze, Alex Demyrov 4th, and team mate Joshua Wall in 5th. Rowan Ellis took the title by almost a whole mark securing the gold in the 2001 age group.

Last round of the saw the older gymnasts in the Intermediate Girls category. Lydia Suitehall finished in 10th in the 2005+ age group. Heidi Samson finished in 10th, Louisa Briggs in 12th and Maddison Excel in 22nd place all 2002/2001 age group

Girls Succeed at Kent Championships

The women’s artistic squads competed at the Kent Championships 10th November with success.

Members of the squad competed at multiple levels across the day. Starting out first were Millie Rive-Edwards and Lauren Martin at Modified  5. Millie competed well demonstrating a new vault, and a super characteristic floor routine
and finished in 3rd place overall. Lauren competing for her first time in a four piece competition competed with new skills and routines across all apparatus. She presented a classy floor routine with expressive dance to finish in 8th place.

At Level 5 Izzy Stockwell, Poppy West and Joanne Brooker competed. Izzy took the overall title finishing in 1st place with a beautiful beam routine despite an unfortunate fall, along with a much improved bar routine. Poppy completed all four routines with minor errors and finished in 7th place overall. Team mate Joanne performed a stylish floor routine but sadly a fall on beam, she finished in 10th place.

Amanda Cook and Shannon Baker competed at Level 4. Amanda, crowned overall champion, also won the trophy for the highest bar score of the in age gymnasts. She demonstrated strong tumbling, dynamic vault, and a beautifully swung bar routine. Shannon finished in 4th place having demonstrated a huge improvement in the competition arena, dancing her way through her floor routine.
Grace Miller and Emily Pearce competed at Level 3. Grace managed to recover well from a nasty fall on the beam to finish in 3rd place, competing with new skills on floor, bars and beam. Team mate Emily performed a very dynamic vault along with a new floor routine that oozed character.

Annabel Agba and Josie Griffith competed at Level 2. Annabel, the only gymnast in Kent to compete in age, demonstrated some new tricks for next year’s competitions showing an increased confidence on beam and bars, and one of the best vault scores of the day. Josie finished in 2nd place with strong floor tumbles and a well swung bar routine.

Carina Brown competes at Vetrans

Carina Brown represented Pegasus for the first time at the British Veterans Championships in Newcastle. This was her first 4 piece competition in 8 years.

Carina started with a strong Tsukahara on vault scoring 12.80. Bars next and she started well until an unfortunate fall before dismounting scoring 9.80. A solid Beam mount and elegant dance however a fall on a full spin. This didn't phase Carina as she finished the routine well with a high back somersault dismount scoring 9.30. Onto floor the final apparatus, Carina's strongest and favourite apparatus. She took the judges and the audience by surprise with her up-beat music and opening first tumble (handspring straight front into stag leap). She didn't stop there after her full twisting straight back she made the crowd cheer with her linkage, standing tuck somi to front support and finished with Arabian scoring 11.40.

Carina was 5th overall coming 3rd on vault and floor. Really good achievement for her first British Champs. Well done Carina!! 

Pegasus Gymnasts Succeed at National Finals

Members of the Artistic squads took part in Regional Championships back in September where the top gymnasts within each category qualified to represent the South East at the National Finals over the weekend of 1st, 2nd, 3rd November.

Amanda Cook qualified in the Level 4 category within the South East and stormed her way to 4th in the UK and team silver for the South East Region in Guildford at the finals! A huge success for both Amanda and Pegasus as the club hasn’t been represented in a Voluntary National Age Group final event for a long time. Starting on bars Amanda swung a clean routine with strong lines, sadly not quite meeting handstand on the top bar, but nailed her landing. Second piece: Beam. A confident start and huge leaps saw Amanda complete her routine in style with no falls, so far so good. Dancing her way through an immaculate floor routine with dynamic tumbles and great choreography Amanda scored the highest floor score of the day, and finished the competition with a strong and effortless vault. Finishing only 1.35 marks behind the national champion in first place both Amanda and coach Charlie Wells realise that anything is possible and Pegasus in the future may well produce a National Champion!

In Birmingham the boys were also competing at the National Finals. Sam Mostowfi and Sam Ghinn part of the team at level 3 also storming their way to success with the team and as individuals. Mostowfi competed a strong, clean competition to take 3rd place ahead of Ghinn in 7th.  Mostowfi presented a huge vault, and an immaculate high bar routine, and Ghinn a clean pommel routine. Team mate Euan Cox also competed in the same round in level 4 elite becoming National Champion taking the lead by over 3 marks demonstrating outstanding routines on all pieces of apparatus. Finlay Lincoln and Reece Shephard competed at Level 4 club and won both the Team title and Finlay the individual, another national champion at Pegasus. Finlay excelled across all 7 apparatus scoring no less than 9.4 from 10.00 on any piece! Reece performed a great vault to score 9.650. The team also won the title by a huge 4.5 marks. Last of the weekend Isaac Frimston competed in the Level 2 elite category. Scoring 10 out of 10 for his APP routine he demonstrated perfection! With clean routines he finished in 4th place.

Floor & Vault Success at Regional Championships

Pegasus Gymnastics Floor and Vault Squad took part in the Regional Championships in Crawley. Over 200 gymnasts from within the South East region competed and 27 were from Pegasus.

Demonstrating a high standard, coupled with new routines the squad were very successful and achieved 17 medals of all colours.

Members of the squad competed across 3 rounds during the day in 10 different categories.

The first round saw the first of the medals achieved by Hana Griffuths and team mates Megan Jones and Emily Lane finishing in 4th and 8th place. All 3 girls demonstrated poise and elegance within their routines. Within the 2003 year group Ellie Robinson took silver and team mate Charlote Clack bronze followed closely by Ellie Blackborrow in 4th. Rebecca Westby also claimed silver within the 2001 age group and Rosy Wright 7th.

The next round saw the difficulty of the routines increase at the Bronze level. In the 2003 category Grace Pitman finished took the bronze and team mate Jessica Overy in 9th. Another gold medal secured in the 2001-2002 category by Maisie Jones, and Andi Clough 7th place along with team mate Eesha Qureshi in 9th. A clean sweep of the podium in the 1999-2000 category with all 3 top spots won by Pegasus. Alicia Grassom took gold, Lily Redmond-Motteram silver and Jemmima Gauntlett bronze, followed closely by Rachel Stanley, and Rebecca Stone with equal scores in 5th place, and Aisling Day in 8th. Carl cox also secured gold in the boys 2001 category.

The last round of the day saw the most advanced of the Floor and Vault levels. Scarlett Wright secured gold in the 1999-2001 category in the silver level with team mates Abigail Clarke, and Hannah Wallace taking gold and silver in the 1997-1998 group Lauren Martin also took the gold spot in the 2002-2003 age group.

Competing in the gold category the boys also swept the podium with the top 3 places. Ben Quinney took gold, Stefan Noyelle Silver and Harrison Cassella the bronze!

6 members of the squad also over scored at their current level and have now been promoted to the next!

Girls Succeed at Regional Championships

Members of the clubs Women’s Artistic squad competed at the Regional championships in an attempted to secure places in the South East team and to retain their Regional titles from 2012.

Millie Rive Edwards did just that! Securing the first gold of the weekend at Level 5, she presented a new floor routine that captured both the judges and the audience.

Competing at the youngest of categories, Level 14, Sydney Olivier-Hall took the gold by over 1.5 marks and gained the highest all-around score from all age groups in the level. Displaying huge precision and dance ability, Sydney was dubbed 'one to watch' by coaches and parents alike.

Isabelle Stockwell, Joanne Brooker and Poppy West all competed at Level 5. Isabelle recovered well after an unfortunate fall on beam, to perform a beautiful floor routine, and a dynamic second vault to finish in 4th place overall. Joanne competed well on all apparatus, catching the attention of the judges with a charismatic floor routine, finishing in 11th place. Team mate Poppy finished in 19th place overall, and 4th place on vault with a very dynamic performance.

Amanda Cook and Shannon Baker competed in the level 4 category. Competing as part of Pegasus for the first time Shannon demonstrated a dramatic improvement. Performing a new floor routine that oozed style and confidence, along with a much improved vault, Shannon finished in 12th place. Amanda finished in 2 place and qualified to represent the South East at the National Finals in November. She illustrated her flair and artistry for both beam and floor, and strength and power on Vault and Bars, claiming top spots on all 4 apparatus.

Grace Miller, Emily Pearce and Annabel Agba competed at level 3. The three girls were also competing as a team. They all looked strong and confident throughout the competition showing their dominance with their high scores, way above any other competitors. Annabel won the all-around title performing an impressive powerful vault, beautifully swung bar routine and a stunning new floor routine. Grace finished in second place and wowed the crowd and judges with her immaculate beam routine scoring 1.5 marks clear of any other competitor making it look effortless. Performing a new floor routine, Grace also caught the eye of the judges on floor. Emily finished in a very credible 4th place. She demonstrated a very powerful vault, a lovely floor routine and some technical bar work including new skills. The team ended the competition in first place with a great team total.

Completing the weekend Josie Griffiths competed at Level 2 and also took a spot on the podium finishing in silver position. Josie scored a personal best on vault with a clean and dynamic performance, along with finesse and style on floor.

Girls Win at Alfa Factor UK

Coach Charlie Wells took 6 members of the Women’s Artistic squad to compete at the Alfa Factor UK competition in Melksham, Whiltshire. Known for its high standard of gymnasts that attend the Pegasus girls shone and held their own. Isabelle Stockwell, the youngest of the group, demonstrated a powerful Vault and elegance thorough out her Beam routine to gain “special awards” for. Grace Miller, Emily Pearce and Annabel Agba competed in the same category again demonstrating improved performance, dynamic Vaults and fantastic Floor chorography. Grace Miller finished in 3rd place, gaining a “Special Award” for most Dramatic Floor Routine within the level along with other awards for all the apparatus, Annabel Agba, and Emily Pearce also won “Special Awards” for both Bars and Vault. Amanda Cook competed in Level 4 category with style and ease finishing in Bronze place not far behind the current National Champion. With a clean competition and minimal deductions she claimed a “Special Award” for Execution, and a Stand out Floor routine! Last of the group, Josie Griffiths, competed at level 2 and claimed the Silver medal, narrowly missing out of Gold. Showing and improved overall performance on Floor along with “Special Awards” achieved on both Vault and Bars.

“Special Awards” are awards that the gymnasts were given by the judges. To achieve these gymnasts needed to be able to perform, excite and be remembered by the judging panel, something our girls clearly managed to achieve!

Boys take Multiple Titles at Regional Qualifiers

The boys competed at the Regional Qualifiers in Woking, with Coaches Ionut Trandaburu and Ovi Rugina, trying to gain a place within the South East Team for the National Finals held later in the year.

All five boys that competed secured a place within their teams with ease and confidence claiming four gold medals and a silver.

Finlay Lincoln demonstrated control within his Physical Preparation exercise, Floor routine and circled his was to success on Pommel claiming one of the gold medals.

Euan Cox, competing in the elite category, showed confidence and ability to perform in the arena yet again, demonstrating a 9.70 score from 10.00 on Parallel Bars gaining the second gold medal of the day. Isaac Frimston also claiming victory showed an immaculate pommel routine scoring 9.90 out of a possible 10.00, along with 7 other clean routines. Sam Ghinn taking the last of the Gold medals, just in front of team mate, Sam Mostowfi, showed great tempo and style on pommel, and strength and flexibility within his Physical Preparation routine. Sam Mostowfi, competing for Pegasus in his second competition demonstrated huge improvement, and a fantastic High Bar routine. The battle for the title between the two boys continued to the end of the event as they continued to change places throughout!

Euan Cox Wins at London Open

Euan competed at the London Open Friday 6th September. The only member of the club to compete within this new elite pathway, he excelled. Euan is currently part of the National Elite Performance squad and throughout the day he caught the eye of the national coach by being the only gymnast within the event to complete a Rings routine with all the elements and connections

being recognised, needless to say finishing in 1st place on this piece of apparatus. Due to clean performances on all the other apparatus and a fantastic lead up in training to the event Euan won the overall competition by 0.30 of a mark also finishing in 1st place on Pommel, and Parallel Bars.

Congratulations to Euan and the coaching team at Pegasus Gymnastics Club for his recent success

Maidstone Camera Club Help Raise Funds

8 members of Maidstone Camera Club visited the Club for a fund-raising photoshoot organised by Helen, where they had the opportunity to photograph James and Courtney as they trained. This not only provided a unique opportunity for the photographers to try their hand at something different, but also raised £200 towards the new facility

Annual Festival - “Circus”

Pegasus Gymnastics Club held yet another fantastic Annual Festival at Mote Park Leisure Centre. Titled “Circus”, it incorporated every aspect of the club from Kindergym members as young as 17months, to International competitors that represent Great Britain on a regular basis. Also showcased were over 150 members of the clubs “Gymnastics for All” classes!

VIP’s attended the event on Sunday 30th June to present the club’s annual awards throughout the show. These included the Deputy Mayor Elect, Councillor Richard Thick, Councillor Mike Hogg and Councillor John Wilson. Other VIP’s included club sponsor Sean Taggart of Albatross Travel Group, manager of the Tovil Lidl, Mike Gillis, and many representatives of British Gymnastics.

The show opened with an item performed by the Floor and Vault Squad, followed by Kindergym members, winning the audience with their cute factor dressed as clowns, demonstrating their gymnastic abilities in climbing, jumping, and the Okey Cokey! The four and five year old classes demonstrated balance and composure on beams with the use of hand puppets, and the six years plus classes, a circus game of ladders, along with the use of trampettes and vaulting activities. The Women’s Artistic squad performed a “scary” floor and beam item, displaying their ability to dance, move and flip! Stealing the attention of the audience using Parallel Bars and Pommels, the Men’s Artistic squad performed a spine tingling item with effective music and costumes, followed by a beautifully choreographed dance routine by the girls of the Floor and Vault Squad. The event finale included many of Pegasus’s competitive squads tumbling across the floor, always a real crowd pleaser!

Many Awards were presented during the festival, including awards for improvement, achievement and progress along with dedication to the sport and club, regular attendance, courteous behaviour and recognising both the volunteers and coaches at the club.

Many messages have been received already saying, “Just wanted to congratulate yourself and the team at Pegasus for putting together a brilliant festival” Parent, “Thankyou for a great event, both my girls enjoyed themselves and even said they wanted to do it again!” Parent, “There was not a moment I did not enjoy and I was very pleased to be able to make a very small contribution in presenting some of the awards” VIP Sue James.

Annual General Meeting

The club AGM is fast approaching and it’s your opportunity to be updated on club decisions, progress and to be actively involved. Come along and join us in the Social Area at the club from 11am.

Boys Succeed at Regional Championships

Members of the Men’s Artistic squad competed at the Regional Championships Sunday 23rd June with great success.

Euan Cox stormed into an early lead in the competition and retained his top spot taking the title some two and a half marks clear despite three falls. Performing clean routines on Floor, and Parallel Bars and a new Rings routine he maintained composure and spurred on the rest of his team mates. Finishing 0.10 out of the medal spot in 4th place Sam Mostowfi competed as part of the Pegasus Team for the first time. Holding his nerve and competing for both a new club and within an older age group (Under 12), he shone. Great poise and confidence along with new routines he made his mark within the South-East Region with another two years in this age group. Following not far behind, Sam Ghinn finished in 5th place. Also competing for the first time in the Under 12 age group for another two years, he fought hard and finished with one of the top scores on both Pommel and Floor. Team mate Reece Shephard played it cool and steady throughout performing well on Floor and finishing in 6th place!

A great result with all four competitors finishing in the top 6 from a field of sixteen for the Under 12 age group in the South East.

Kent Twin Piece

The Pegasus girl’s squad competed on home turf on Saturday June 14th at mote park leisure centre. The Kent event featured team competitions where two gymnasts performed two routines each to make a combined score. Some gymnasts also entered as individuals, competing four routines. Between the squad, Pegasus took 27 medals in total, 21 of them being gold!

Jessica Meadway took the overall gold at modified level 4, she also took the Silver on vault, silver on bars and bronze on floor. In level 5, Isabelle Stockwell and Joanne Brooker finished 5th as a team with Isabelle taking the gold on beam and Joanne winning a bronze on bars. Poppy west and Millie rive-Edwards finished in 8th position overall.

In level 14, Sydney Olivier-hall took the gold medal all round in her first competition. She took the gold on beam and vault. In level 4 Amanda cook was the overall champion. She also was the top scorer on each piece of apparatus winning a total of 5 gold’s. Josie Griffiths also won 5 gold medals in level 2 in a comfortable victory. In level 3 Annabel Agba took the gold overall and also won gold on bars, vault and beam. Also in this level Emily Pearce and grace miller took the team gold medal with Emily finishing 2nd on vault and first on Floor. Grace also took the silver medal on beam.

Floor & Vault Win at Kent Championships

After weeks of preparation the floor and vault competitors shone at the Kent Championships at Mote Park. A total of 25 medals won over the day and plenty of new skills and further developed routines competed - and the results were as follows:

Silver Level - Abigail Clark 1st, Hannah Wallace 2nd and Scarlett Wright 5th

Gold Level - Gareth Thomas secured his Gold medal, Ben Quinney 2nd and Bethan Cooper 4th.

Bronze Girls 11-12 - Andi Clough 1st, Maisie Jones 4th and Eesha Qureshi 11th.

Intermediate Boys 8-9 - Kelechi Ryan 1st, Tyler Thorne 3rd and Kieran Aimable 4th.

Intermediate Boys 10-12 - Eddie Estcourt 1st, Samuel Brooker 2nd, George Rudzinski 5th and Rowan Ellis 6th.

Bronze Girls 9-11 - Grace Pitman 1st

Bronze Girls B - Lauren Martin 1st

Bronze Girls 13+ - Rebecca Stone 2nd, Rachel Stanley 3rd, Alicia Grassom 3rd,

Jemmima Gauntlett 3rd, Lily Redmond -Motteram 4th and Ruby Chandler 9th.

Advance Level 12+ - Carl Cox 1st

Novice Boys 7-8years - Illya Components 2nd, Aaron Halim 3rd, Vitaliy Demyrov 5th

Advance Girls 8-9years - Hana Griffiths 2nd, Megan Jones 4th,

Advance Girls 10-11years - Amelia Tsang 1st, Jessica Overy 2nd, Grace Pilcher 3rd, Rosy Wright 4th, Ellie Blackborrow 6th, Charlotte Clack 11th.

A huge congratulations to all those that have competed in particular to those for the very first time!

Girls Excel at Horsham Invitational

Josie Griffiths, Annabel Agba, Grace Miller, Emily Pearce, Amanda Cook and Isabelle Stockwell all competed at the Sussex invitational at Horsham on Sunday 2nd June in a 4 piece competition.

In level 5 in-age, Isabelle finished in 2nd place, doing extremely well to beat many gymnasts who had many more bonus moves than her, which proves the value of competing with clean routines. After a wobble in the warm up on bars, Izzy competed an excellent beam routine, stunning floor routine (impressing the judges) and a powerful vault.

In Level 4 in-age, Amanda finished in 1st place beating some strong Pinewood gymnasts. Amanda showed a superb floor routine that stopped the whole competition arena in their tracks- truly a goose bump moment! She did a lovely vault and a confident beam routine- unfortunately falling on her acrobatic connection.

In Level 3 out-of-age, Annabel finished 2nd, Grace 3rd and Emily 5th. Annabel impressed with her powerful vault and beautiful bar routine. Grace competed an excellent beam routine with some brilliant connections and a super-confident floor routine, her bar routine also showed real improvement! Emily performed an excellent handspring vault and a confident floor routine.

In Level 2, Josie Finished in 1st place. She performed her new vault well, tumbled a gorgeous floor routine and showed confidence in her beam routine.

Light Hearted Self Defence Class

Fantastic!! A huge Thank you to Alan Miller for running it! Also we hope that all that attended the class had a great time. This raised £190 for the New Facility Funds

Leadership Academy

Pegasus has linked with Swadelands School and developed a “Leadership Academy”.

I can hear you all asking what is that?....... The answer is.............

“The MY Leadership Academy programme is designed to provide a structure for Young Leaders to follow; it helps them progress and develop, and identify areas of interest within which they can continue to learn and advance. The programme is designed to allow for maximum flexibility, so it can be tailored to suit the needs and wants of each individual, each group and any gymnastics environment.”


Leaders get provided with a programme handbook which they are encouraged to work through at their own pace to complete five different areas:


Leaders are tasked with completing a number of different courses, both generic and gymnastic specific.


Leaders are tasked with identifying a role model and learning by working alongside them.


Leaders are tasked with volunteering their time at events, fundraisers and meetings.


Leaders are tasked with producing a development plan and completing their goals.


Leaders are tasked with running a project which benefits their school, club or local community.

Each of the five areas has three different levels to complete, bronze, silver and gold.

Congratulations to Charlotte Wroe, Leia Desseaux, Harriet Day, Jessica Meadway, Scarlet Wright, Alicia Grassom, Rachel Stanley, Abigail Clarke, Hannah Wallace, Ruby Chandler, and Lily Redmond Motteram in completing their Introduction Course for the Leadership Acacemy!

Floor & Vault at Meapa Invitational

The Meapa Invitational Competition took place on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of May at Meapa Gymnastics Club.

The competition started on Saturday morning with all the Intermediate gymnasts from our club competing in the first round.

Girls Intermediate 8-10 years Ellie Blackborrow 5th and Rosy Wright 4th.

Girls Intermediate 10-11 years Rebecca Westby 12th, Jessica Overy 9th, Amelia Tsang 6th and Grace Pilcher 2nd.

Boys Intermediate Carl Cox takes the Gold Medal and after an impressive Vault secured his first place on this apparatus.

Round 1 on Sunday morning started with Bronze Level where Pegasus was represented by 5 gymnasts split into different age groups.

In the Girls Bronze 8-10 years Grace Pitman secured the Gold medal and she came first on Floor where her colleague Lauren Martin came 2nd.

Girls Bronze 10 years Maisie Jones 1st place and first on Floor.

Girls Bronze 11+ Eesha Qureshi 6th and Aisling Day after a very good performance took the Gold medal and came first on Floor.

Round 2 Girls Bronze 12 years Jemmima Gauntlett 4th and Lily Redmond- Motteram 1st and 1st place on Floor.

Girls Bronze 12-13 years Ruby Chandler on her first competition as a Bronze Level finished 6th and Alicia Grassom 3rd place.

Girls Bronze 13-14 years Rebecca Stone 1st and first place on Floor.

Round 3 Girls Silver 13-14 years Scarlett Wright 4th. Girls Silver 14-16 years Abigail Clarke 5th and Hannah Wallace 3rd.

Boys Gold Level Ben Quinney 5th, Stefan Noyelle 4th, Harrison Casella 3rd and Gareth Thomas 2nd and first place on Floor.

After a long but a very productive day our F&V gymnasts bring home a total of 19 medals.

Well done to all the gymnasts, coaches and judges involved in the competition.

Balloon Release at Mote Park

Wow what a great turn out and such fun! Lots of smiles and lots of colour. Thank you to those that came and those that helped make it possible.

Double Trouble

Megan and Maisie Jones have raised a whopping £280.00 by handcuffing themselves together for 24Hours..... The sleeping arrangements must have been interesting and hopefully they wanted to do the same things during the day!!

A huge congratulations to both girls!!

Girls Win at Nationals

On the weekend of 20th and 21st April, Annabel Agba, Grace Miller and Josie Griffiths were competing at the British National Grades final where they claimed three medals. Annabel and Grace were first up on the Saturday. After weeks of preparation in the lead up, both girls looked confident going into the competition. Grace competed with a much improved Vault and classy floor routine. claiming the third highest floor score. A small error on bars meant she narrowly missed out on a medal all around to finish a very credible 7th place out of 52 of the top competitors in Britain for the age group. Annabel was in the same team as Grace. She competed with confidence and accuracy through all of her pieces in particular on beam and vault finishing in first place on both apparatus. Annabel took the all-around gold medal becoming National champion! Grace and Annabel put in strong performances for their team that the team won the bronze medal, missing out on the gold by a whisker!

Josie represented the south East region on Sunday 21st April. Josie’s cool competitive nature meant that she looked confident and effortless as she went through her routines. She began with a strong vault finishing 3rd on the individual piece. Josie was slightly shaky on bars but recovered well to complete a near faultless beam routine and stylish floor routine to finish 6th all around.

Amanda Cook competed on the 28th April at the British Nation finals for Compulsory Grades. She looked confident and stylish throughout her competition, catching the eye of the Great Britain National coaches. She began with a powerful vault and finished with a classy beam and floor routine to take 3rd place on each of these individual pieces. Amanda finished 9th overall out of 62 gymnasts from all over Great Britain. She also put in some strong performances for her team which helped them to take the silver medal proving that the south east are a strong region to beat.

The gymnasts have had an impressive national debut and will be working hard to better their performances next time hoping to bring back further honours for themselves and the club. Their coaches at the club are extremely proud of them and their achievements.

Euan Cox Represents GB at Rheintal Cup in Switzerland

Euan Cox and Ovi Rugina travelled to Widnau, Switzerland Friday 12th April to take part in the Rheintal Cup. For Euan this was his first International competition having been selected as part of the GB team. Euan was selected by National coaches after the English Championships having demonstrated ability, confidence and finishing in top!

On arrival in Switzerland it was straight to the podium training where he showed lots of good work and confidence.

Saturday was competition day. Euan together with the other 3 members of the Junior GB National Squad were fighting for gold amounst gymnasts from other countries all 1997 year of birth and younger!

Euan performed his routines on all apparatus with style and elegance having had only 3 mistakes throughout. He has achieved an impressive 7th position with a total score of 75.050. Although quite nervous to take part in his 1st International Competition, Euan was extremely proud with his result and has been very excited throughout the weekend.

Once again Great Britain gymnasts have shown outstanding routines and caught the attention of all the other European countries, having been followed with recording cameras around the arena.

Dover Girls Competition

The Dover Girls Competition took place on Sunday 24th March at Dover Gymnastics Club.

Round 1 - The morning started with four girls competing in the Silver and Bronze Levels. In the Bronze Girls 11 years Maisie Jones came 3rd and Silver Girls 13+ Scarlett Wright 6th, Abigail Clarke 4th and Hannah Wallace secured the Gold medal. All the girls performed with lots of confidence and style.

Round 2 Bronze Girls 15+ Edwina Crouch 6th place.

Bronze Girls 13-14 Jemmima Gauntlett 3rd place and Alicia Grassom take the Gold medal on her first competition representing Pegasus.

Round 3

Bronze Girls 9-10 Lauren Martin and Grace Pitman shared the 1st place by showing great improvement and working hard to achieve the Silver level soon.

Bronze Girls 12 years Aisling Day 5th, Eesha Qureshi 6th and Andi Clough 2nd.

Round 4

Intermediate Girls 12+ Ruby Chandler 2nd position.

Intermediate Girls 10 years Rosy Wright 11th, Ellie Blackborrow 8th and Jessica Overy 3rd.

Round 5

Intermediate Girls 11 Amelia Tsang 8th and Rebecca Westby 10th.

The day finished with the girls from Pegasus bringing home 9 medals with very impressive performances and looking very tidy.

Well done to all the gymnasts that took part and also to all the coaches involved with the Floor & Vault Squad.

Men’s English Championships

Finlay Lincoln, Reece Shephard and Euan Cox competed in the Under 12 category for the first time and very successfully. Performing new routines, complex skills and competing against every Under 12 gymnast in England the boys achieved to their best. Euan Cox took 1st place overall and becoming the Individual Under 12 Champion receiving a gold medal and cheque for £100 along with 3rd place on Pommel and Apparatus titles for High Bar and Parallel Bars. Reece Shephard finished in 4th on Vault and 17th Overall and Finlay Lincoln 27th Overall.

Courtney Tulloch and James Hall having only just returned from the Australian Youth Olympics as Gold medallists competed in their first event as Seniors against GB’s finest gymnasts. Again new skills and more completed routines paid off… James Hall proved that he is an all around gymnast and finished in 3rd place overall and taking 3rd place on Floor, Pommel, Rings, Vault and 4th on High Bar – a huge achievement in a very experienced playing field! Courtney Tulloch finished in 4th place taking the bronze on Parallel Bars and confirming that there is no one better than him in England on the Rings taking gold!

East Regional Gym Fusion

Congratulations to those members of the Floor and Vault Squad that took part in the East Region Gym Fusion event.

To watch their performance click here

Valentine Ball
Wow! What a fantastic evening…. Drinks on arrival, table magician, a delicious 3 course meal, auction, Michael Buble tribute singer, and party till early hours in the morning! What shall next year include?

A huge Thank you to Debbie Shephard for organising the evening and the Friends of Pegasus. The event raised a huge £5275, £1000 of this total due to the sale of 2 large momentous frames one containing a signed photo of James Hall and the other Courtney Tulloch with their medals from the Youth Olympics and a action shot taken and designed by our club photographer Helen Cooper.

YSAA Awards Evening

The Youth Sports Achievements Awards are held every year. Congratulations to the following gymnasts that were nominated:

Annabel Agba, Euan Cox, Isaac Frimston, James Hall, Courtney Tulloch, Hattie Molloy, Harrison Cassella, Abigail Clarke, Maisie Jones, Jodie Cain, Ruby Chandler, Ben Quinney, Aisling Day, Gareth Thomas and Grace Pitman

The awards came to a closing and the following gymnasts had received recognition as a winner within their category:

Abigail Clarke, Ruby Chandler, Harrison Cassella, Hattie Molloy, Courtney Tulloch, and James Hall.

Congratulations once again to all nominated

More Medals at the Youth Olympics
WOW!! Congratulations to the GB Boys. More medals achieved and 4 at PEGASUS! Click
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Rosy has Completed her Sponsored Silence

Rosy came to the gym this morning with her pen and note book, enabling her to particpate in her session. She wasn’t caught out at any stage and impressed the class and the staff!

Congratulations to Rosy - I am sure it was a very peaceful time at home!

GB Team Gold at the Youth Olympics

Congratulations to the GB Team at the Youth Olympics in their 7 mark success over China!
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Girls Make County Squad

Congratulations to:

Grace Miller, Emily Pearce, Annabel Agba, Amanda Cook, Josie Griffiths and Hattie Molloy on making the Kent County Squad. The girls have shown improvement, and consistency within the competition arena throughout the year. Congratulations also to the coaches involved without whom it wouldn't have been possible!

Girls Compete at Regional Grades and Qualify for National Finals

In the first slot of the day Emily McSweeney and Millie Rive Edwards were competing in Grade 13 section. The girls started on beam and had one unfortunate fall each, however, both gymnasts showed real maturity and continued the routine with a fierce approach. Millie and Emily then went on to compete the rest of their competition with great fighting spirit to finish in 30th and 33rd place within a  strong field of gymnasts.

Round 2 of the competition saw the youngest competitors of the weekend take to the stage in grade 14. The Pegasus representatives were Joanne Brooker, Poppy West and Isabelle Stockwell. All three gymnasts were very well presented and showed some excellent artistic elements within their routines. Joanne competed with a strong vault and a clean bar routine to finish 27th. Poppy showed a big improvement on her previous competition to finish in 24th and taking 4th place on vault. Isabelle showed a very mature performance on all apparatus to take the silver medal all around. She also finished in 1st place on vault, 3rd place on beam and 2nd place on range and conditioning.

In round 3, Grade 9, Jessica Meadway finished as the Champion of South East! Jessica held her nerve to complete 4 clean routines. Her bar routine was a clear mark above any other competitor showing her strength and style on that piece compared to the other gymnasts in the field. Jessica’s beam routine also showed excellent choreography and determination. Not only did Jess take the top spot for all around but she also finished on top for Bars, Vault and second place on beam. It was well deserved trophy!

Round 4 saw Emily Pearce compete at grade 11. This was her first competition since fighting back from an injury sustained in December and Emily was very nervous. Emily held her composure and competed in a very business-like manner. She impressed the judges with her powerful vault and beautiful floor routine. Emily had a disappointing fall from beam, however, her performance for the rest of the routine and the competition were so strong, she did not lose out! She finished as Grade 11 champion by one clear mark despite her fall! Emily also came 1st on vault, 4th on bars and 2nd on floor. This was a very emotional win for Emily and a well-deserved one.

With day one such a success the coaches were nervous about what day 2 would have in store and if they could continue on the success from day 1. The gymnasts were certainly inspired and encouraged by their teammate’s performances from the day before.

Josie Griffiths was competing in the Grade 7 qualifier for national finals. She had a very focused approach to the competition and managed to compete 4 clean routines holding her verve despite her rivals making mistakes around her. Josie’s excellent physical condition and preparation shined through in the competition where she looked strong and stylish. She presented a powerful vault, well swung bar routine and gorgeous floor routine. Josie finished in second place overall but also finishing second on vault, bar and floor. She took the top spot on beam despite a worrying wobble in the middle of the routine. Josie missed out on the gold medal overall by a painful 0.033- a minuscule difference.  

In National grade 8 Annabel Agba, Leia Desseaux and Grace Miller competed for a national final place. All gymnasts looked strong and confident throughout the competition. Leia showed some beautiful choreography on floor and beam, a real credit to her coach. She unfortunately had a couple of large errors on beam which proved costly but she did recover with an excellent attitude and positivity to compete well for the rest. Leia finished in 12th place with a 4th place on vault and a lovely range. Grace turned heads with her amazing beam routine, not a wobble in sight. Her choreography and artistic presentation stood out above all others in the arena. She finished in silver medal position all around also taking a bronze medal for her performance in range and conditioning. Grace also finished in 1st place on Beam (1.2 clear of any other gymnasts) and 3rd place on Floor. Annabel’s amazing strength and power on Vault and bars gave her an advantage over the other competitors. She also showed a much improved, clean floor routine and held her nerve on the beam to finish as Pegasus’ 3rd Champion of the weekend! She also took top spot on Bars, 2nd place on Vault and 2nd place on floor.

In the last round of the weekend, everyone was bleary eyed and ready to finish the competition. Amanda Cook was competing in the compulsory grade 4 section in an effort to qualify for national finals. She was raring to go but also nervous to compete her routines. She held her composure though to show her brilliant style and technique across the competition. She was first up on beam, a nerve wracking piece to start on and first up is always hard. She battled through her beam routine to show grace and elegance with some excellent touches. On floor, Amanda made the room silent with her stunning choreography and precise execution. She proved to have the best range and conditioning of the day with only 0.7 in deductions, which impressed the judges. She also competed with a powerful vault. Amanda finished in 4th place in a very strong field of gymnasts finishing 2nd on vault and 3rd on range.

Amanda, Josie, Grace and Annabel made the national finals and will be representing the south east region in Birmingham in April where they will have to repeat their routines in their quest to become national champions; an excellent achievement for Pegasus Gymnastics Club.

James Hall & Courtney Tulloch get Promoted

Both James and Courtney have been selected as part of the GB Senior Squad. Congratulations to them both