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News Throughout 2011

One Baby has Arrived!

Congratulations to Ovi & Lacra on the birth of their new little baby boy Flavius on 20th December 2011. Mum and baby are doing well and Fabi is very proud of his new baby brother.

New Floor Installed at Pegasus

Pegasus are now proud owners of a new sprung floor from Continental. Following the annual Festival, the floor used in the display was packed up, transported to Pegasus and installed on the Monday morning just in time for the first Kindergym class to use that afternoon.
Thanks to all those who helped take up the old floor and put down the new one. We are still actively raising funds to pay for the new floor, so if you haven’t already made a donation you can still do so by placing it in an envelope in the Friends of Pegasus post box.

Pegasus Gymnastics Annual Festival and awards

Over 230 members of Pegasus Gymnastics Club participated in the clubs Annual Festival and Awards Ceremony ranging from the pre-school classes to the top squads. The event was held at Mote Park Leisure Centre in Maidstone in front of a full audience of 850+ including VIP’s and Sponsors. This year’s event theme was Seasons and National Holiday Days.

The festival started off with a colourful bang, with the Floor and Vault squad performing the introduction to ‘Firework’, smoothly followed by the clubs Pre-School classes all dressed as snowmen. Next up were the 4/5 year old classes performing a number about Valentines Day with hearts, followed by the Women’s Artistic Squads performing a spring number. Next saw the 6+ classes using Umbrella’s as we pasted through April and a real crowd pleaser as the clubs children with disabilities performed to ‘Don’t blame it on the Boogie’ encouraging the other participant’s, and the audience to join in with the chorus and actions. Soon after we saw the 8+ Advanced class performing with beach balls, towels, and plenty of colour, followed by the 9+ classes with a ‘Thriller’ performance. The clubs Men’s Artistic squads were up next, and finally finishing with a Christmas Finale including Santa, Elves, and much much more.

Throughout the festival awards were presented to the clubs members for Progress, Achievement, Volunteers and a Memorial Award in the name of Malcolm Taylor.

Photos available at For a full report click here

Pegasus Score Again

The European Youth Olympian Courtney Tulloch of Pegasus Gymnastics Club travelled with

personal coach Ionut Trandaburu to Japan for a week long trip to compete in the

Japan Junior Cup. With a high level of participation including the World’s best gymnasts from

Japan, China, USA, Korea, Canada and Australia along with his own personal reputation to withhold the pressure was on.In a time zone of +9 hours jet lag was going to be an issue, having arrived on Thursday and the all around competition taking place on Saturday and

finals on Sunday. Courtney competed well and finished in 16th place in the all around and qualified for the finals on Rings, Vault and Parallel bars. Very pleased of his achievement to qualify for the rings finals Courtney competed the best routine possible with straight lines and a dismount to stick finishing in 1st place ahead of the two Japanese finalists proving he is still King of the Rings. A great achievement and a momentous occasion hearing the national anthem being played on behalf of the youngest competitor. Courtney also took the bronze in the Vault finals.

Travelling home on Tuesday left Monday for sight seeing. The Japanese delegation organised a trip to visit the largest theme park and aquarium prior to travelling home again laden with world class results and medals.

Courtney also qualified for two Master finals taking the bronze medal in the Vault final – a big achievement and the clubs first master final medallist.

Pegasus Gymnastics Courtney Tulloch takes 2 European Olympic Titles!

Courtney Tulloch of Pegasus Gymnastics Club was part of the Youth Olympic Team to represent Great Britain in Trabzon, Turkey in July 2011

Tuesday the first day of competition saw the Teams finals and the Individual qualifications take place. With competitors from all around Europe, GB finished in 2nd place just behind the Russians. A great team result. Courtney competed very well and qualified in first place for the overall finals to take place on Thursday.

The morning of the competition arrived and nerves were under control. Starting on floor the competition got underway, with 4 clean pieces under wraps and learning that he was in the lead by a considerable amount the nerves then started to play their role. Managing to keep them under control Courtney finished the competition in first place showing consistency from the qualifications, along with great gymnastic skill. Courtney told us, “I knew I was in the lead by 2 marks after the 4th piece with other strong contenders to still compete, but I finished the competition keeping as focused as I could performing not my best on my last piece. When the results were announced I couldn’t believe it! I was the Youth Olympic Champion!”

Having finished the overall all competition belief, excitement and tiredness set in. The following day would be the finals. Having qualified in 4 finals, Rings, Vault, Floor and P.Bar Friday was going to be another long day. Having competed in a couple of finals already it was the rings finals next. “I really wanted to do well in the Rings final as that is my strongest piece, and to beat the European champion on Rings would be great.” Performing an immaculate routine there was nothing more Courtney could do but to wait for the results. The Turkish also had a qualifier for the rings final, which on home ground had a lot of support. The results were in and Courtney took another title! Whipped out of the arena for drug testing, the national coach rang Ionut Trandaburu Courtney’s personal coach to fill him in with the results and informed him that he had been taken for testing as in any high level event, Ionut informed him that “They will only find to much sugar from eating to many lolly pops!”Having arrived home dazed by success and happiness Courtney is now preparing to meet all his latest competitors again in Japan later in September where they will for sure be looking out for him.
Courtney’s latest phrase is: “Now I am the King of the Rings!”

Pegasus take County, Regional and National medals

Multiple members of Pegasus Gymnastics Club have been in preparation for Women’s County and Regional Competitions and Men’s British Championships.

The clubs girls competed over the last two weekends in Guildford taking home titles at county level and reaping rewards at regional level.

Jessica Meadway competed at Regional Level 6 with clean routines. Jess deservedly won the title at the Kent Championships, and finished in second place at the Regionals.

Amanda Cook, Claudia Parr, and Millie Edwards entered into their first ever competitions all taking a place in the top 6 in the county, along with Amanda finishing 4th in the South-East Region.

Grace Miller competing with new routines entered in the in age category for level 4 claiming the silver at county level and the 6th place at the Regional Championships just missing out on a spot in the South East team for national finals

Emily Pearce and Annabel Agba competed at level 5. Emily performed well with a new floor routine and much improved quality finishing in 5th place in the county and 9th in the region, Annabel finished in 4th place in both the County and the Region.

Leia Desseaux became the newly crowned Kent champion at level 4 with clean routines followed closely by team mates Josie Griffiths in 3rd place, Jessica Parr 5th place and Lola Cooper 6th place. Leia finished in 2nd place in the region, Josie in 3rd, and Lola in 5th.

Lucy Pallister also took the County title at Level 3 performing new skills, with team mate Charlotte Wroe finishing in 4th.

Megan Tomlin and Harriet Day competed at Level 2 for the first team taking both 1st and 2nd place in Kent, and 4th and 5th in the Region.

Courtney Tulloch and James Hall competed at the British Championships in Stoke-on-Trent finishing in 4th and 5th place overall. Courtney finished in 4th place on Floor, 1st on Rings, 2nd on Vault and 3rd on Bars, James took 3rd place on pommel, 4th on Rings and 4th on High Bar.

Women’s Grades 2011

Twelve Pegasus girls took part in a successful two day Regional Grading competition in Guildford bringing home a total of four titles, two silver medals, and all finishing in the top of the rankings.

Grace Miller won Grade 13 with an outstanding all round performance totalling 59.35 way over the pass mark and acquiring a distinction. Grace also finished 1st on Beam and Vault. Annabel Agba new to the club and Emily Pearce performed exceptionally well also achieving distinction and finishing 8th and 10th overall.

Lola Cooper won Grade 12 with a faultless all round performance totalling 48.15 and distinction. Lola also finished 1st on Bar and Beam. Team mate Josie Griffiths finished in 2nd place scoring 46.95 also with distinction taking the title for Floor and Vault. Jessica Parr finished in 4th by a margin of 0.05 off the bronze medal also receiving a well deserved distinction.

To finish the first day we saw Jessica Meadway and Leia Desseaux competing at Grade 12. Jessica performed a steady performance finishing in 10th passing her grade with ease along with team mate Leia with a much improved Vault.

Sunday saw the competitors competing for a chance to qualify to represent the South-East at National Finals later in April.

Lucy Pallister finished 6th in National Grade 8 scoring 56.10 passing her grade with ease.

Megan Tomlin won National Grade 6 and took the top spot in the team representing the South-East at National finals. Megan also finished with distinction, 1st on Vault, and 1st on Beam.

Lucy Fitzsimons, Harriet Day and Hattie Molloy all competed in the National Grade 7 competition. Hattie performed very well and passed with ease looking confident through out. Lucy took gold on Range and Conditioning meaning she passed with distinction and team mate Harriet Day also finished with distinction and 2nd on Range and Conditioning.

English Championships

Two of Pegasus Gymnastics Club’s finest competed in Stoke on Trent for the English Championships. Competing against the seniors throughout the country that have competed at the Olympics, World Championships and Europeans it was thought to be a tough task.

Courtney Tulloch finished in 10th place overall, and 4th on rings a hop of landing away from a silver medal. James Hall performed well finishing in 16th place. He competed with new routines on 4 apparatus including 2 release and catch elements on bars – Always a crowd pleaser!

London Open

Ten boys competed over a three day event in London. James Hall and Courtney Tulloch competed on the Friday in the Youth category for Under 18’s. James finished in 10th position overall with clean sound routines on five apparatus. Courtney finished in 4th position missing out on a medal due to a mistake on Vault, and finished in 1st place on Rings.

Pegasus boys took a clean sweep of the podium in the development open. Euan Cox finished 1st, Reece Shephard 2nd and Finlay Lincoln 3rd in a field of over 50 competitors. This competition also awarded apparatus medals for the 1st place gymnast on each place. Euan won the P.Bars, High Bar and Rings. Team Mate Finlay shared the gold on Rings.

Sam Ghinn and Oliver Wroe competed in Level 1 in age. Sam performed well and finished in 2nd place, and took the gold on Vault. Team mate Oliver finished in 5th position. Isaac Frimstone competed at Level 0 and finished in 2nd place and 1st on Rings. Gareth Thomas competed in Level 3 finishing in 8th place and taking gold on pommel. Joseph McMorrow finished in 9th place.

British Champions

The Midas Touch

“They will compete on various apparatus and show the strength, mobility, endurance, flexibility, body control and co-ordination needed to be a master gymnast.” Said the “Inside the Games” website and so they did.

Courtney Tulloch and James Hall competed in the Youth age group with consummate success. The two year preparation period for 2012 is underway with every event increasingly important in the qualifying and selection process. Polished Floor routines from both boys gave them a super start in the race for glory with Courtney pasting a magic 14.00 on the score board with James only a whisker behind. On Pommel James looked on track for perfection but just missed a hand leading into his dismount just when the Gold looked within his grasp. But there’s no time to brood, on to the next apparatus where Tulloch’s talent is astounding for his age, another 14 on the board, James hanging in there and the gap growing on the leaders board. Two clean vaults and on to Parallel Bars where James came into his own, clean combinations of twists, turns and holds and a nailed dismount for Gold but Courtney in trouble and only able to knock up a mediocre 11.55 towards his overall result. And finally High Bar, perhaps the most exciting apparatus with the awe inspiring skill of the release and catch elements, coupled with forward, backward and twisting swings into multiple somersault dismounts. James was up first, caught his release, almost lost swing following a full turn but with a herculean effort of will he regained composure, twisted the double somersault dismount to take the Bronze and an overall position of 5th almost 6 marks ahead of the next placed gymnast. Almost unaware of James’ difficulty Courtney swung near to perfection, landed on the spot for apparatus and overall Gold.

Courtney Tulloch 1st, Floor 1st, High Bar 1st, Rings 1st

James Hall 5th, High Bar 3rd, Parallel Bars 1st

Fantastic results - James and Courtney will both be competing for Great Britain at events in Europe later in the year.

Elite Awards, Social and Auction

Pegasus welcomed guests, parents, friends and gymnasts to the Tudor Park on Sunday 26th February for the inaugural celebration of elite achievement. At the end of an exceptional year, with national awards won for performance, coaching, development and volunteering, it was the perfect time to hold a social function at which to recognise the exceptional achievements of the club’s gymnasts. In her welcoming speech, Club Director, Fef Griffin said “It may be an individual sport but the team spirit which pervades amongst members, whether active, performing or recuperating is the true and lasting measure of their achievements – these youngsters understand that injury or failure need not be the end of the road but the next step to success.” Rare traits in the face of current social trends.

Many thanks to The Tudor Park, all the local businesses and individuals who, not only made the event so enjoyable, but also, helped raise over £1500 towards club improvements.

Awards of Merit – Presented by Senior Coach Ovidiu Rugina

Winners demonstrated exceptional commitment and were highly commended in both the Progress and Achievement categories.

Harrison Casella, Hannah Wallace , Charlotte Wroe

Progress Awards – Presented by Club Chairman – Peter Griffin

Winners progressed at a significantly higher rate than others in his / her group or squad.

Joel Burch, Abigail Clarke, Lucy Fitzsimons, Isaac Frimston, Sam Ghinn, Josie Griffiths, Grace Miller, Hattie Molloy, Lucy Pallister, Jessica Parr, Charlotte Wellbelove

Achievement Awards – Presented by Clive Emson

Emson Auctioners responded to the Maidstone Dream campaign to bring a medal home and are sponsoring club member, James Hall in his quest for international glory

Winners will have demonstrated achievement in line with Nationally recognised standards.

Maria Clarke Excellent attendance and superb attitude have enabled Maria to compete Floor & Vault Silver Level with regular success.

Reece Shephard A member of the Level 1 winning team at National finals, Reece won an individual bronze medal, which earned him a place at the National reward camp.

Finlay Lincoln A member of the Level 1 winning team at National finals, Finlay won an individual silver medal, which earned him a place at the National reward camp.

Euan Cox A member of the Level 1 winning team at National finals, Euan won an individual gold medal, which earned him a place at the National reward camp.

Gareth Thomas A member of the Level 2 Silver medal winning team at National finals, Gareth won an individual Gold medal by a significant margin, which earned him a place at the National reward camp.

Megan Tomlin A member of the South East Gold medal winning team at National Grades final, Megan came 1st on Bars with an outstanding routine which clinched the title.

James Hall A member of National Squad James has steadily climbed the rankings during the year, to secure an invitation to join an international training camp and competition.

Courtney Tulloch A member of National squad Courtney has achieved success at World, International and National events. He won an invitation to the final trial for a team place to compete in the Junior Europeans 2010 in Birmingham.

South East Regional Championships

Level 5

Grace Miller in her first major competition competed multiple new elements in a clean accurate performance. Josie Griffiths won overall silver with a positive performance on all 4 apparatus.

Level 4

Team – 3rd Emily Smith, Lucy Pallister, Leia Desseaux, Charlotte Wroe

Charlotte Wroe's positive performance and elegant lines contributed well to the team score and an individual 4th Overall. Clean positive floor routine, powerful vault, clean bar routine and totally focused throughout saw Lucy Pallister 2nd Overall and in the top 3 on all apparatus. A well earned Bronze all round medal for Emily Smith added to the team total. A much improved performance on beam,and a more dynamic vault saw Leia Desseaux finish 6th Overall. Great team effort!

Also competing at Level 4:

Jessica Meadway – 12th Overall. New elements in floor routine and a much more dynamic vault
Kloe Crawford – 15th Overall. Clean floor routine
Lola Cooper – 18th Overall. Improved vault, clean swinging bar routine, and a clean floor routine, a focused performance
Jessica Parr – 16th Overall. Good clean performance all around, looked positive and composed

Level 3

Lucy Fitzsimons put in a very positive performance, nailed landings on floor, clean swinging bar routine and an almost fault less performance on vault to win the overall Bronze.
Another confident performance by Megan Tomlin despite interrupted preparation for the event saw her finish in Bronze medal position.


Hattie Molloy moved up two levels after her superb performance in 2009. She coped well with the pressure producing comparatively simple well executed routines to finish 5th Overall.


Courtney competed brilliantly in this multi national event. A very positive report from the BG national coach.

UK School Games


By UK School Games

The English Boys Team took all the major medals on the first day of the 2010 Sainsbury's UK School Games gymnastics competition in Gateshead. 2009 All-around Champion Courtney Tulloch fended

off tough competition from teammates Nile Wilson (80.750) and Thomas Gibbs (78.400) to successfully defend his crown scoring 81.200 over the 6 pieces.

Afterwards Courtney Tulloch said: "It wasn't actually my best day today as I ended with a bad Floor routine but overall I'm really happy to have defended my title. Coming into the event I was hoping to win but knew it was a strong field so I had to be at my best. I'm hoping to do well again in the Rings tomorrow. This is my second UK School Games and it's been great hanging around with the other athletes."

Although he missed out on the individual gold Nile Wilson said: "I'm really happy with today and proud to be part of the English team who have done so well. Its been great to be in the multi-sport environment and I'm looking forward to competing again tomorrow in the apparatus finals."

The third member of the team Thomas Gibbs said: "It went well today after a shaky start on the Pommel Horse where I was trying out my new move. I managed to pick myself up though and ended well with a good Floor routine. The English Team know each other really well after training together and that's helped us bond and produce good results. This is my second multi-sport event and I really enjoy the atmosphere and taking part in different activities."

Final standings:

England- 326.150, Wales- 279.350, Scotland- 272.050, Northern Ireland- 261.300